Since Jan 29, 2007

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Catholic and MAGA

I’ve owned two businesses while working in the semi industry.
Made money in Phoenix housing market with rental houses.

BA Classics
MSEE Analoc Cicuit Design

30 years fab, process, product, test, design experience.


Power Management chips
DC-DC switching converters, low and high voltage, low and high


Renesas, Dialog Semi, National Semi, Unitrode, Texas Instruments


Telecom Infrastructrue - Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei
Mobile - Apple, Google, Oppo, suppliers
PC - Intel
Automotive - BMW, Ford to name a few, suppliers
Hard drives - Seagate, Western Deigital
Printers - Lexmark
Gaming - Sony Playstation
Many, many more


Power for multiple generations of iPhone, iPad, watch
Power for Infotainment systems for auto
Power for CAN auto networks
Power for ABS breaking systems, airbag deployment
Power for Electronic Stability Packages in auto
Power for cell base stations, traffic management
Power for Drones
Motor Drivers for hard disk drives, analog front ends
Power for Servers
Telecom Tranceivers
Lexmark Heater Chips for inkjet printers
Multitudes of regulators and switches
Digital audio chips, Class D
Mixed Signal testfloor management
Backgrind Process engineering
Yield improvement, IC failure analysis, fib, sem, etc.


Studying Founding Fathers
Studying religious history
Civil and Revolutionary Wars history
Fur trade history
Spanish exploration history
Early American explorer history
Sports and Bass guitar
Mineral collecting
Coin collecting

I’ve raised 3 sons.

Lived in 14 states including far northern states and southwest border states. Visited every civil war monument i could. Visited every national monument and park i could. Avid camper and hiker. Avid climber including mexican volcanoes, colorado 14ers, new hampshire 4000 footers, many others. Visited all states.

Favorite Quotes to come: