Since Feb 15, 2005

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Multi - generation Republican ( Grandfather voted against FDR 4 times)
Born in Pa. Raised and live in Georgia.
Wife voted for Dukakis before we married but I have since educated her about politics. ( She tells me what to do about everything else).
Teach Biology in a Government school, try to undo liberal teachers brainwashing.
We must fight the battle on the front line. Do not retreat to the trenches.
If you don't get the tagline, then you have never been on a snipe hunt. I have recently been coaching my schools J.V. lacrosse team. First time I have coached in almost twenty years of teaching. I Love it! He is a good kid but, he keeps getting better especially going into his junior year of high school. I hated being that age and the boy is acting the same way. Graduate of Auburn University, West Georgia State University, and Columbus State University.
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