Since Jan 30, 2001

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My wife and I are California Conservative Republicans. Personally, I am a transplant from Florida since '82, with my wife (Lily4Jesus) being here from Peru since '67.  Having both lived in California for a good amount of our lives, we are a bit disturbed by the left lean this great state has taken in the last 15+ years.

My pro-military lovely bilinguel wife, Lily4Jesus, unintentionally photo'd by the 'enemy' in a flock of anti-war protestors
our 'twin' son Justin, active in the Navy reserve, previously active on the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Iraq war, and a second stint (2006) in the naval reserve in Iraq
our 'twin' son Brett, active in the 4th Infantry Division of the Army
Although we have been lurkers here for a bit during the 2000 election, we were quite active with many of the Bush2000 newsgroups, as well as direct supporters of Bush's election prior to actively posting on FreeRepublic.  

 More regionally speaking we were quite active in many Los Angeles "city" election issues (before moving to San Diego in late 2004) as well as the drive for local control with  3/23/03 Freep of the Oscars gets AgThorn on the AP wire service

William&Lily (AgThorn) Silverthorn  - mixing church (manger scene) & state (Sore Loserman!)

 Being parents of 6 great children and 7 beautiful grandchildren, we are prayerfully thankful for George W. Bush becoming our President (twice!) and continue to pray for our nations return to sanity with the coming 2014 eection. We support anything that will return our great country to a moral leadership road.
PS: FYI - Recently posted an old picture of my rock and roll days when I was only 16 (be kind)! But having outgrown my hippy days and finding a wonderful bride and having some great offspring, I have to say that I have grown a bit.

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