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I get a lot of requests for ways to store and accumulate bullion. So I am making my profile into a convenient resource.

Silver and Gold bullion in allodial form ('allodial' is a shorthand way of saying 'you can physically touch it') will be the best way to preserve and increase your wealth for the next few years. And when I say increase your wealth, I mean multiplying it by at least ten times. With the oncoming death of worldwide fiat currencies, we are fast approaching the point where the full meaning of the term 'monetary metal' will be rediscovered by a fiat-impoverished populace. When that happens the price of Silver and Gold will increase far faster than inflation.

Five billion people are all about to learn the inevitable fate of fiat currencies - when they do, it is not going to be pretty.

Hopefully when the dollar sharply devalues you will already own some bullion (as well as having made the usual FReeper preparations - storing food & water, laying in ammo, etc). You will be able to help friends and family and not end up yet another victim of the state.

As I say: allodial bullion is the best way to hold precious metals. Hold some coin: 20 to 100 one-oz silver coins seems a reasonable amount. Even a single one-oz silver coin will have impressive buying power when fiat collapses so even a small stash should last you a long time.

If you have a lot of currency to convert into real money, then put some of it into silver bars. These are better value than coins, but are unwieldy and will require assay on resale. But once the currency market has crashed: I believe that there will be a way to liquidate bars of bullion: - we can expect to see the ancient institution of the money-changer reappear across America once precious metals re-enter the public consciousness.

For those who wish to diversify their physical risk and who don't want to keep all their PMs in the same place: the best, cheapest way I have found to securely store bullion is to use Bullion Vault.

Most of BullionVault's customers are US citizens. Your gold and silver is held securely with full bailment title: there is no counter-party risk and Bullion Vault operate with the lowest monthly fees that I've found anywhere.

Disclosure: I have just over half my puny hoard of bullion with Bullion Vault. Freepers are welcome to check my holdings at the daily BullionVault audit . Look under the A's and then look for AGERECONTRA

Well, hope this was helpful. I'll add some graphs and more text to this page when I get a chance.