A Formerly Proud Canadian
Since Jan 19, 2005

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G-d Bless Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Canada and many other dominions! G-d bless GWB, President of (now) the greatest country on earth. A pox on GG Adrienne Clarkson, the Governor-General pretender and Paul Martin, the pompous, self-important elected dictator of a once great country, now merely a 'grate' country, much like France. Dear Father God, open the eyes of Mr. Obama and convict him so he draws near to you. Please convict the former Believers in the United States and draw her people to you, to make that country a light on a hill. Please continue to bless Prime Minister Stephen Harper and convict and draw the people of Canada to return to you. Amen.

Never forget that God is in charge, no matter the valleys one may be going through! He will never forsake you, if you are in Him.

Please check links to hear a very gifted pastor from Centre Street Church in Calgary, Alberta, speaking on lust and divorce and a men's interdenominational choir from Calgary that I am blessed to be part of!