Since Nov 18, 2000

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Formerly a Submarine Quartermaster in the US Navy. 4 boats, (details supplied on request.) and 6 Posiedon Strategic Detergent Patrols. I met my wife at a small resort island in the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia in 1980. 38 years, two sons, and a beautiful Granddaughter later we still have that sense of adventure.

Currently a dispatcher for Spectrum in Melbourne Fl. But, formerly in real life a Yankee Civil War reenactor with the 75th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, (Thus my screen name) and the 1st Sgt of Co.A 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery. Yes, both units operated in Fl during the "War For The Supression Of Southern Arrogance." We lost our gun last year, so now other options are being looked at. A man may die of many things, but if he dies of boredom, it's his own damn fault!

When the going gets tough, the tough turn to PIRACY!!!