Since Oct 17, 2000

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I'm a software developer by training and profession, and up until a few years ago computers were also my hobby. Around 1993 I developed an interest in shooting and since the mid 90's I have competed in Benchrest Shooting.

Benchrest Shooting involves shooting highly accurized custom rifles from a bench at 100, 200 and 300 yards. The most popular caliber used in BR is 6PPC, hence my FR handle. The 6PPC is a 6mm wildcat cartridge based on the .220 Russian case and was developed in the mid 70's by Ferris Pindell and Lou Palmisetto. At 100 yards a good BR rifle can reliably put 5 bullets into less than .2 inches measured center to center. A good friend of mine has held the 200 yard group record (.108) since 1976. More information on BR shooting may be found at Benchrest Central.