Since Oct 4, 2010

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I’ve been a conservative activist since 2009, when I filmed and interviewed (as a volunteer for PJTV) people who came to the anti-tax day tea party rally in my city. I have done film work for AFP (Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, Ann McElhinney) College Republicans (David Horowitz), and for the union riot in Lansing Michigan when angry union thugs tore down the tents that AFP had erected on the Capitol lawn in preparation for the battle over Right-to-Work. As a homeschool mom, and licensed concealed gun owner, my interests range from school choice to gun rights, but I am especially interested in creating a social network for activists to draw strength from. I currently blog at Ricochet, and gladly pay a $30 fee per year for it. At www.ricochetmeetup.com, you can see that I am arranging a conference just for Ricochet members to meet and hang out together-which builds relationships that improve our online environment.