Since Mar 2, 2005

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Conservative alpha male emergency room nurse committed to excellence in nursing, the continuous learning process, critical thinking, and patient advocacy.

I exercise my First Amendment rights with a bloody vengeance, enjoy jamming sharp sticks into the eyes of the mainstream media, pulling down strongholds of liberal idiocy, and indulging in a nice, peaty, aged single-malt scotch- neat.

I served in the United States Army (Airborne) as a Paratrooper and an M-60 squad machine gunner (hence the handle). Upon leaving the Army, I became a Merchant Seaman until I decided that job security was pretty important and that making people better was more worthwhile than making scum-sucking socialist union pukes rich. I will have nothing to do with the American Nurses Association, because I cannot stand being around the same kind of feminist lesbians who were responsible for forcing men out of nursing in the first place over a hundred years ago and who crown as their patron a rabid man-hater: Florence Nightingale (who, by the way, was one of the most spiteful, vindictive old hags in recorded history).

I am married- to a woman. We have lots of kids, because we don't believe in murdering them as a form of birth control.

I think that most of our country's problems would be solved by revoking American citizenship from all liberals, declaring them persona non grata, sending them all off to Iran, declaring war on Iran, and bombing Iran to cinders. After that, the remaining problems faced by America will be solved by ejecting the United Nations from American soil, and then targeting their future host nation for destruction- most likely, Iran.

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