Since Sep 22, 1999

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Christian, Husband, Father, Republican, Trekkie, in that order. I am a Recovering Prodigal. I have a compulsive "DaVinci" complex, and can't stop thinking, planning, programming, building, creating things (see the WORKSHOP section on my homepage.) If radio theater ever comes back, I have a career...I love doing dramatic readings and shows at my church. I love spacecraft modeling, computing, Dungeons & Dragons, DragonRaid, knowledge, old arcade games, SF, and the Net. I am the original author of the Federation Standard Tri-D Chess Rules, authorized through Franz Joseph Schnaubelt, author/editor of the original TOS Starfleet Technical Manual, and have improved and rewritten them over the past 25 years. I also maintain a website at www.yestercade.net for my love of refinishing old arcade machines.

A Note to Liberal Parents:

Attention, Liberal Parents. I speak to you today about one of the fastest growing problems facing our children, and how YOU can help. Boys will be boys…you know what I mean. They are going to get into things we would rather they avoid, but you know boys. They can’t be expected to make good decisions and to avoid trouble. So I am sure you will agree, the best thing is to be responsible, and to make sure they are prepared. I know that if we all get behind this, we can develop a program to help make sure that when the teen years arrive, your kids are ready.

I speak of course, of firearms.

Boys naturally want to play with guns. I mean, how can you reasonably expect to warn them, to say “You aren’t ready for this, so just don’t!” As parents, we just don’t have that kind of power. So the next best thing is to make sure they are careful!

Beginning this week, Liberal parents, all your sons and daughters are going to be taught to handle high powered weapons in school, where they should be learning about it, rather than on the street corner. You won’t have to sign any annoying forms, because the State has decided this is a Good Thing, and we won’t be asking you for input because what you want isn’t important.