Since Oct 25, 2000

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I'm a former democrap who turned conservative (ten years ago) over the RKBA. Its not that I left the democrap party, its that the democrap party left me. There are no democraps like Harry Truman left. So now, I'm a small "l" libertarian, a small "r" republican and a capital "C" Constitutionalist. I'm what used to be described as a strict constructionist. I think the New democrap party is a lot like the old Mussolini fascist party. The democrap leadership in House and Senate remind me of the characters in Orwells' Animal Farm. Ironic, since Orwell has been described as a classic socialist who was afraid of a right-wing dictatorship. Left or right, tyranny is tyranny. And the best preventative is a well-armed citizenry.