Since Apr 19, 2007

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Military brat.

Settled and grew up in Northern Va. since the late 1960’s, with a few years in Maryland.

Proud father of a college aged girl that has extraordinary conservative values.

Self taught.

Former business owner.

I found Christ on my own.

With help from Charles Stanley.

I am convinced people need to make life’s discoveries for themselves. I don’t think they can be told what to think or believe.

However, I feel it is our responsibility to show them the way.

Preaching to the choir is not very effective.

I recently started making youtube videos that I hope conservatives understand and get liberals to think for themselves.

The idea is to contrast the music with the current state of affairs.

It is my belief that if the music and its lyrics are more familiar than the words of our current political leadership, the default acceptance will be the music, with the rejection of the political statements.


I would welcome any ideas you may have.