Since Sep 30, 1998

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Hello. Thanks for stopping by.

Here's my story concise version; I'm a Christian. A strict Constitutionalist, and believer in the American people. In my daily work and location I deal with the general public as a small businessman.
I'm good at what I do and I thank God that I've always been good at what I do because I understand life is a gift from him. Sometimes you get a job that makes you sweat or get dirty when you wanted to avoid that. Sometimes the answer is so simple you must pad the answer to avoid hurt feelings. I see Christ in everyone I meet. I have nothing that isn't available to everyone, and that's why we're all beautiful. We are created in his image. God is in us.

That's why even terrorists know they have sinned. You cannot take a life without knowing deep down that you're killing yourself. You have a soul. It isn't mortal and you're in charge, listen to it.

God Bless You.

BTW Been here for awhile, special thanks to JimRob for keeping it going.