Since Aug 2, 2004

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I have a feeling we havn’t seen anything yet.

They are not going to understand why they are the ones that will suffer most.

They will still blame us.

We will not be able to help them... even if we want to.

Let us not forget that population control is a key agenda item for communists who see wealth as a finite item which must be preserved and distributed as needed.

Birth prevention (Planned Parenthood) is only 1 leg of a three legged system of controlling population. Another leg is attrition. (health care death panels)
And the third leg is catastrophic death. (govt has been buying large amounts of ammo and caskets) Look at Soviet Russia, China and North Korea as examples.

However, the one thing they will not be able to extinguish is the American Spirit... which is founded in allegiance to God. God IS in control. Who controls the communists? Who will win in the end?

If you don’t have faith in God, I would advise getting some real soon.