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To: sickoflibs
Doom doom dooooom! You haven't listened to my pieties! Doooooooooom!!!

Now, when I am right and they are wrong, and the economy recovers anyway because that is simply want free capitalist economies do, no more remarkable than the sun coming up in the morning --- will any of these baying idiots shut up about it, or admit they were wrong?

This time next year the economy will be growing. Unemployment will be falling. The stock market will be higher.

The article and its purveyors pretend the reverse, and I am calling them on it right here, right now. They will be wrong. And one year from today, I want one freeper who believes this crap today, to admit he was wrong when it happens as I predict and not as this article does.

10 posted on 07/26/2009 7:30:36 PM PDT by JasonC


See you in a year JasonC