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One of the rare times an anti-Catholic was cornered and forced to admit his falsehoods: see post number 91:

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Please pray about the following:

On July 15, 2014 a thread I had posted in was locked. Throughout the thread two anti-Catholics in particular had REPEATEDLY lied about what I did or did not say. I pointed this out again and again, but religion board rules do not allow people to use the words "lie" or Liar" in posts.

When the thread was locked I sent a Freepmail to one of the liars and showed how he had lied yet again in his last post to me before the thread was locked. I want to make clear: he did not make a mistake, it was not an oversight, it was an outright and deliberate lie. Except for the use of the word "liar" the Freepmail was no different than any other thing I have written at FreeRepublic: it was direct, albeit harsh, and well reasoned. I used no foul language whatsoever.

Here's the response I got back (and remember, this is supposedly a Christian who wrote this):

Begin paste:

Thread’s locked, a**hole - don’t write me anymore Freep mail. You’re a lying piece of s**t shill and I’m not interested in your insanity or your inability to comprehend how I can see through what you ridiculously believe to be your magical invisibility. Go rape words with someone who shares your perversion.

F**k off.

End Paste

And here is the thread if anyone is interested:


I wrote a simple Freepmail back to him. I used no foul language. I was not abusive. I have no intention of ever writing to him again. He sent this back:

Begin Paste:

F**k off, sicko. I’m entering a complaint about you. Get the hell out of my FReepmail.

End paste

Seriously, pray for this man. He needs some spiritual help in a big way.