Since Oct 26, 1998

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I'm a grandma, homschooling my grandchildren, computer addict. The Foster death is a big deal for me. It was the clear indication that the Clinton Administration was going to be a criminal administration, as Freerepublic.com has so beautifully demonstrated. My daughter, brother and I have attended protest meetings in DC a couple of times, and were at the House Managers Dinner to pay tribute to the only folk left in this government for whom I have any respect. The Senate disgraced itself, and now the Senate includes Hillary Clinton. How can I respect the Senate that took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and allowed the impeachment to be swept under the rug, refused to view the evidence or hear any witnesses, and wimped out on serving the people in this fashion?

I am neither Democrat or Republican, tend to lean toward libertarianism but am too conservative for that road. I guess I'm just what I call myself, independent. My husband is a republican. Corruption must be rooted out and punished at all levels of government. Halleluliah and Thanks to Freerepublic.