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(T)ruthless Al Gore

A Nation of cowards

A Shortcut to Australia's Civilian Disarmament?

Abortion-breast cancer link goes to court (could it end Roe v Wade?)

ALAN KEYES ................... That Pro-Life Schtick

Alan Keyes endorses compulsory national service after school

Amazing Report on Crash of TWA 800

America Can't Play 'Lawful Stupid’ - (great article by Joe Mariani! - US must fight to WIN!)

An Interview With God

Andrew Sullivan: This Is a Religious War

Atty. Gen. nominee John Ashcroft's remarks on Clinton's criminal misconduct

Bio/Chem Preparations: Overview

Breaking: Hannity & Colmes......Traficant has news on Reno!! (THREAD 2)

buying time; how real prices declined over the years....

California Reaps What It Sowed: Energy Fascists Blame Their Failures on the "Free Market"

Christianity and Democracy

Complete Letter from Rep. Dan Burton to Janet Reno

Europe to Israel--Drop Dead!

Evil's Advantage Over Conscience - Why the West gives Yasser Arafat endless second chances

Excerpts from recent Dr. Laura Speech

Exclusive: Lawyer Reveals Expert Witness Findings/Waco

Fascism, Corruption and My 'Democratic' Party (long article, but worth reading)

Fat Substitute Is Pushed Out of the Kitchen

Feminism's Third Wave

Foster Claimed Mental Illness; Defaulted on Mortgage

Free Radical

Free Republic Y2K Watch : 5-Jan-2000

From 'Activist' to 'Warmonger'

George Szamuely On Poll Tyranny (Buchanan)

George Washington in radio ads telling a lie (to promote Golden Dollar) MAJOR GAG ALERT

GOP Urges Investigation of Voting Machine Performance

Graham Execution Questions to Linger for Bush

History and Meaning of "Palestine" and...

How to win the abortion argument.

INS holding 2 men seized at apartment (anthrax letters - HANDWRITING link?)

Journalism fails when it misrepresents facts

Just Released Secret **PHOTOS**/Livingstone, Hillary & Bill Clinton, and Janet

KA-BOOOOOM! ----- Investigative FReeporters: THIS WILL DESTROY GORE

Last Living Confederate Widow Still Waving Flag

License to kill: Hospitals reserve the right to pull your plug

Looting In Cincinnati: Questioning Togetherheid

Mark Steyn: What? You mean you didn't know he was like that?

Mark Steyn: Appeasing Arab hate puts the lie to 'Never Again'

Meteorologist Likens Fear of Global Warming to 'Religious Belief'

Moral Chaos in Central Park

Muslim-Christian violence rampant in 'new' Indonesia

Original Sin


Pearl Harbor - Hawaii was surprised; Washington was not

Politics in America

Pope Paul VI Was Right: That Makes Him A Prophet

Question for abortion rights supporters

Racial Killings & Gun Control

Red-Handed Lies

Remember Anthrax?

Ron Paul -- Challenge to America, Part 2: POTENTIAL FOR WAR

Ron Paul -- Challenge to America: A Current Assessment of our Republic (Part One)

Russia's War with Chechnya Is None of Our Business

Schundler on Emergency Preparedness

Server downtime due to increasing load - should we have a fundraiser to upgrade? - Thread 5

Shelter In Place: Make Your Kits

Simplified Antibiotic recommendations for prevention of Anthrax/ Biological Warfare bugs

Sobran: "The Words and Deeds of Christ" [Diago: "Merry Christmas to All Freepers"]

Soros Think Tank's 1999 Roadmap for the Theft of Trepca

Tax Break explained to the democRATs

The Abortion Lies: Quotes from Abortionists and Abortion Clinic Workers (SHOCKING!!!)

The Democrats' Race Card: Out of power and out of luck, one party plays the only hand it has.

The madness of the animal rights movement

The Nato-Media Lie Machine

The Revenge of Conscience

The Saddam-9/11 Link Confirmed

The snakes or Araby

The Swedish squat ( Only Sexist Macho Men Stand)

Veteran Teacher Traumatized at "Fistgate."

Video contends Davidians were machine-gunned

What Went Wrong?

What’s Holding Blacks Back?

White House Flunks Geography

Why I Became a Conservative: A British liberal discovers England's greatest philosopher.

Why the Muslims Misjudged Us

Wisdom Starts with "W"

[MUST READ]: Jonathan Lebed: Stock Manipulator, S.E.C. Nemesis -- and 15

‘99-‘00 Politically Correct Top Ten List