Since May 26, 1999

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Started lurking in '98 and with the help of Free Republic, I've escaped from my liberal family's clutches. Though my husband and I have both lived in the SF Bay Area our entire lives, we are suffocating from the ultra-PC environment around here. When humanly possible, we are going to escape California, as well. We have to debrief the kids daily at the dinner table.

My favorite author is Thomas Sowell and his books Race & Culture, Migrations and Culture, Conquests and Culture and The Vision of the Annointed. They are a much-needed breath of fresh air. I've also enjoyed Tammy Bruce's (a lesbian, feminist who admires Dr. Laura) book The Thought Police and The Death of Right and Wrong. They were very insightful.

I'm on a continual search for the truth (or a close facsimile) and Free Republic has been a tremendous tool. My #1 goal in life is to raise my two sons to be loving husbands, fathers, responsible citizens and just plain decent human beings.

2010 Addendum: We're raising our kids now 17 and 19 with varying degrees of success. Responsible and decent human beings are my big victorys. In the belly of the beast (SF Bay area) it's a constant battle of right v. wrong,good v. bad, up v. down, black v. white......very challenging.