Tilted Irish Kilt
Since Jul 10, 2011

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I am a conservationist without being a ‘tree-hugger’, since God has provided this world in all its entirety, and I respect this duty, responsibility, and stewardship.
I am a Conservative because I love this country, and want to see it survive and grow; we are the only light of freedom in this world, despite our current national leadership.
I am a ‘prepper’ because I am aware of personal responsibility, and to help my fellow man.
I was raised a Catholic, converted to Latter Day Saint, and returned to full Christian fellowship with knowledge of the value of ‘Home Storage’ and being prepared for the unknown.
I am a gardener, because it allows me to be personally responsible for myself and to help others.
I am an experienced bee-keeper, and have learned that we are all interdependent on each other, much the same as the insect world and as the human family is mutualy interdependent.
I am a teacher/instructor because I have been blessed to become a Master Gardener, and can help others plan for their own responsibility, for themselves and their family.
I am a Christian and know that works without faith is dead; similarly, that faith without works is dead. I have faith , and believe in Christ.
I am a fly fisher because, while others have been called to be ‘fishers of men’,.. while I have been called to be ‘fishers of fish’, to feed those ‘fishers of men’, should it be necessary.
I am a student and try to learn something new each and every day, because knowledge is power over uncertainty in everyday life.
I will always be a student, .. because God isn’t finished with me yet.