The Spirit Of Allegiance
Since Oct 29, 2004

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No idea who the Gitmo chauffer is. Probably some guy in Fresno.

My 1970 Mercury Cougar and site, "The Spirit Of Allegiance" so christened in tribute to Craig Breedlove's 'Spirit of America'
and more importantly, dedicated to preserving our Pledge of Allegiance and Republic as "One Nation Under God."

Welcome to Sovereignty USA! If you love America, we’re on the same page.
Sovereignty USA -- Conservative-friendly member services including ISP, email and communications services.
Is your club or organization getting funding from your Internet Service Provider? Here's the one that donates to and fights for Conservative causes! is your pro-America, pro-Life, pro-Family source for internet connection, virus protection, ad-free email, online backup, a special private patriot network and much more. Members can generate funds for a designated club or nonprofit (or FreeRepublic) AND earn referral fees. Patriotism that could help pay the rent--could this be the side income or full-time opportunity you or a friend is looking for? Check out Sovereignty USA's Four Pillars of Sovereignty and the many worthwhile campaigns and projects outlined at the site and get involved. Free Newsletter available too. Visit and join Sovereignty USA today!

* the sovereignty of the United States as a sovereign nation
* each of the States as sovereign states under the U.S. Constitution
* individual citizens as the sovereign stewards, not the serfs, of government: Pro-Life, Liberty, Family and Pursuit of Happiness
* the ultimate sovereignty we must recognize—One Nation Under God.

Everything we hold precious relates somehow to these four ‘pillars’ of American Sovereignty. If any of the pillars is out of place, the entire structure of our civilization is unstable. If these pillars are firmly in place, America is safe. By continually creating self-supporting ways and means to reinforce in people’s minds these principles, we strengthen the foundations against its natural foes. We must be eternally vigilant, as Thomas Jefferson said.

Be watchful! Be informed! Be effective! Join us.

If you're using CafePress trying to get a message out or make a buck or both, let me know, this store site may serve to feature your products or services. If you're a Freeper, contact me by Freepmail so I know who I'm dealing with.

Tea Party

America was created with a 'tea party' attitude that threw overboard tyranny, slavery by taxation and all other types of moral repugnance. We need that attitude today! This store serves as the ecommerce center for various sites, organizations, projects and campaigns with that genuinely American attitude--and the Information area serves as the communications hub to our project teams. We focus on providing member products and services including fund-raising wholesale products and retail sales. Some of our products and services are displayed here or available for direct public sale--and some you must get through a local club or organization. You can get connected with such a club through our Contact Me form, accessible at the lower left corner of the screen. You'll find that to be a valuable networking resource!

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