Since Apr 14, 1998

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FReeping since 1998 ...

Jim Robinson: "I say we drop the vitriol against each other and against our leading candidates as of now" ( ).

Jim Robinson: "Official position statement: Free Republic will be happy with either of our leading anti-establishment candidates and is committed to supporting whichever of these two fine pro-America candidates wins the nomination. In fact, FR is committed to supporting whichever leading pro-America candidate results from this primary over the godless America-hating socialist democrats. The survival of our nation is paramount to all other concerns at this time. We are on a mission from God: To secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity." ( ).

"Sundance," pro-Clinton/Trump hack from, is Mark Ivor Bradman. He's got a long and notorious history of "getting it wrong"