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"My Name is Sam" - Warning. This story may bring a tear to your eye.

An Intriquing question - Why not show people what an abortion is?

Announcing..."RADIO FREEREPUBLIC"! Thursday Sept 27th, 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern!#3

Downside Legacy: Freeper Profiles


great movie lines

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Humor Break!

I love this drawing

In My Tribe (For the 20-something FReepers)

Is This Progress? (Classic Tuma Cartoon)

Santa Claus Needs Help: XBox or GameCube? (North Pole Vanity)

Secrets of Women's Language release title of the next film: "Star Wars Episode II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES"

Team plans to clone up to 200 humans

The Manolo Moochers (Freeloading feminists suck men dry)

Things My Dad Said to Me (What's your Favorite Dadism?)

Unforgetable quotes throughout history

What are the most influential books you have ever read?

Why can't I own nuclear weapons? The Second Amendment guarantees it!