Since Sep 24, 2000

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Conservative, a lawyer, and damn I'm good looking! /sarcasm off

The day is inevitably coming when the Islamic death cultists are going to nuke one (if we are lucky--if they are smart they will wait until they can simultaneously nuke several) of our major cities. Then, we will finally start taking the actions really necessary to deal with this death cult.

We should make it clear--NOW--that unless we are convinced that the majority of Muslims are doing everything they can to stop these death cultists (and they sure as hell are NOT doing much now), we are going to hold the muslim world COLLECTIVELY responsible for the next death cultist attack.

We should make it perfectly clear that the next 9/11 type attack is going to result in the AUTOMATIC, INSTANTANEOUS vaporization of Mecca, Medina, Qom, etc.

/rant off