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Since Nov 28, 2000

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I am a Christian, Father of two. I work as a computer Technician.

As a Christian, I fall into that dreaded catagory of "fundamentalist". I believe that the Holy Bible is Gods word, inspired by God. I also believe that the King James Bible is the best version around. I do not consider the King James Bible to be inspired, but rather the preserved word of God.

While I believe that the King James is a superior Bible, I also believe that when one is truly seeking the Lord, the Lord can use any bible to reach that person. I myself first studied using the New Living Translation, and keep it handy as a secondary reference.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, Truth and Life, and that there is NO OTHER WAY to the Father except through Jesus Christ our Lord. I will even say that ALL non-christian religions are incorrect and will lead one astray from our Lord and Creator. I also believe in a literal 6 day creation. Only two good things to came out of the idea of evolution: decent Star Trek plots, and the Darwin Awards.

I was first baptised at the age of 16. Unfortunately, after a change of pastors at the church I attended, I slowly drifted, "back-sliding" as it was for about 20 years. At the age of 38 I began ot realize that something was missing. I had a beautiful wife and 2 wonderful children, and a job that allowed me time at home with my family on weekends and weeknights, yet something was missing.

Many things happened in the year 2000 that made me realise what I was missing. I can give some credit to events like the election, the movie Left behind, and some various church websites I happened across (or more likely, was lead to by the Lord). Either way, I finally realized what was missing: The Lord.

I prayed for the Lord to lead me to a church, a church where I could grow as a christian. A Church that could use what little web design skills I had in order to help them get a presence on the internet.

It was hard, partially because my wife was Catholic and wanted to continue attending the Catholic church she had grown up in, to locate a church. When my wife finally agreed to look into some other churches, her statement was "ANYTHING BUT BAPTIST". The thing is, from the websites I had been visiting, Independent Baptist was where I wanted to try. I was unable to locate any locally, so we tried various other churches in the area.

My wife was not open to any of them, and while we disagreed on what church to go to, we both agreed that we should go to some church just to stress the importance of church on our children. The day we had given up and were going to go back to the Catholic church, we over slept. We could not make it to the late morning Mass, so my wife pulled out a flier to a church that a lady had given her at a store.

Funny how the Lord works. The flier was for a local Independent Baptist Church. We have not gone back to the Catholic Church since. A year and a half ago, my wife (Remember, anything but Baptist?) went forward and was baptized. I requested to be baptized again to renew my dedication to our Lord. I now run the website for the church I attend.

For anyone that is interested, here are some links of interest: - Faith Baptist Church in Columbia Missouri The previous couple of month's messages online for visitors to listen to. - Morningside Baptist Church. There are more messages that you can listen to online at this site. - I run a weekly email list called "Reflictions", reviewing an area of bible study. If interested in joing this list, please visit the page and register. I try to keep past "Reflections" online for viewing.

All glory must go to our Lord. In the past couple of years He has answered an uncountable number of prayers, turned financial debt into prosperity, and broken the hold that many "sins" had upon me.

If anyone reading this would like more information, please email me.

If I had to say I had a bible verse that I live by, it would probably be Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2nd Timothy 2:15)