Since Sep 6, 2005

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I am a Conservative that is not single issue - actually more of a Constitutionalist and Rule of Law Person that puts family matters before politics. I am a huge Fred supporter. I am not a Catholic but went to Catholic Schools on and off and think that is a pretty good set of moral guideposts. I am not an evangelical. I am a Veteran that volunteered to fight for the Country. I loath Communists, Socialists AND Populists. I believe very strongly in ALL the amendments to the Constitution - except the 16th and bits of the 11th. And of course the basic document itself - although the Commerce Clause needs to be tightened up and I would like a more restrictive implementation of the Enumerated Powers Clause. I am in favor of Capitalism and private property and the right of citizens to directly and through representatives make the laws. I think a person should be able to keep the money they make. There should be no graduated income tax and no capital gains taxes whatsoever. The finances of government should be reconstituted around fee for service except in the case of national defense.

I believe in free speech and free expression of ideas. People should be able to pretty much express opinions even ones I do not agree with. No shouting down. No pandemics. No MIND READING.

I love working on any thing mechanical or electronic although that is not my trade. My family is the most important thing in my life. Warm weather is my passion. I like to sweat and work on my farm.

My hero is Thomas Sowell. I also really like Shelby Steel and Clarence Thomas. I get involved in local politics on mostly tax and real estate rights issues. The more I see of the National Campaign for President and the two candidates and the whole circus I am thinking local politics is where one should put the focus. Rush says we will never see a third party because there are no third party roots and lower elected officials. Well maybe the thing to do is take an interim step and elect a few independent minded Constitutional oriented City Councilmen, County Commissioners, Judges and State Legislators. Maybe it is too much to expect the fight the battle at the top.

I do no like John McCain one teeny little bit. He completely disgusted me when he unfairly blasted the Swift Boat Vets for Truth. These guys had a story to tell and you may not have liked it but they had the right and duty to say what they saw. John McCain continues to debase the Constitution and it really irritates me to no end. He is NOT a man of the Rule of Law.