Since Apr 30, 2006

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Family is retired US Air Force myself T/Sgt, my wife (Lt Col), my oldest son (MSgt). Treas Hampshire Homes HOA 28 years Miramar Fl VP Hampshire Homes HOA 6 Years Miramar Fl President Broad Channel Vol Fire Dept and Ambulance Corp 2 years New York City NY Chief Electrican Christmas In The Pines Pembroke Pines Fl 2 years
Owner AJJ Electric 10 Years
Owner JATO International 3 Years
Homeowner in Miramar 14 Years
Born 617 Warren St Brooklyn NY April 25 1937
US Air Force Active Duty April 23 1953 to Labor Day 1966
US Air Force Reserve Sept 1975 till retirement 4 May 1983
EMT-A NYC 12 years
Retired Pan American Airways
Excel Electric Coral Springs Florida
Laurelton Electric NYC NY
Seaboard World Airlines
Bronx Towing Company Tug Boat Deck-Hand
NENA Health Center Director Ambulitory Services 2 years