Since Aug 18, 2011

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Married to beloved husband 34 years this October - Pro Life mother of 5 daughters -4 living and one deceased

Bridget - deceased - at 7 months, severe birth defects (1985 - she died of genetic birth defects.)

Molly - 28 - married with one 3 yr. old daughter Katherine. Molly is an emergency room RN

Kelly - 26 - Lawyer - graduated W & L Law school 2013 - works at mid town Manhattan law firm and married (2014) to Wall Street Lawyer she also met at W & L.

Maggie - 24 - actress/model BFA Acting Pace 2014 Maggie lives in Manhattan and is pursuing her acting career and is a signed model with MSA Modeling Agency.

Regina - 18 - survivor of severe aplastic anemia - underwent successful bone marrow transplant at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in 2014 - attending St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia in fall of 2016.

I am a traditional Catholic who prefers the true Latin pre vatican II liturgy, doctrine, music and architechure as a combined whole. However I am not a sedevacantist and put up with the Novus Ordo if I have no other choice. I picked my screen name Stonehouse because we lived in a 1740's era original Dutch stonehouse in the Hudson River Valley before we downsized.