Since Dec 20, 1998

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Dick Armey
Tom Delay
Brett Hull
Johnny Cash
Jim Shoulders
Cool frosty Shiner Bock
Bob Novak
Walter Williams
Steve Earle (he may be a barking moonbat but the boy can jam)
Jude Wanniski - even after he went moonbatty over Iraq (2013 - I take it back. He was right. The necons are immoral. Looking at you Bush clan, Wolfowitz, Bill Crystal, Cheney, NY Times, WaPo, Hot Air, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin)

resume good guys
Isaac Asimov
Texas music (KHYI FM 95.3 Howe, Plano, Dallas/Ft Worth)
John Deere

Thomas Sowell
Ted Nugent
Nolan Ryan
The Derailers
Stanley Kubrick
Porter Cable
James Lileks
George Jones
Payne Stewart
Carl Sagan
Ralph Stanley
Ayn Rand
Ron Paul
Jeb Hensarling - never mind - he voted for boner which means he cant be trusted
Tom Coburn (REALLY like Dr Coburn - need more like him)
Ann Coulter - never mind, turns out she is a Bill Maher loving plant
George Jones
Buck Owens
Adam Smith
Byron Nelson
Jim DeMint - never mind, he went over to the other side
William F. Buckley - never mind - turns out he was a tool of the NWO
Jeff Flake - never mind, turns out he is another fake flake.

Harry Markopolos
Jean-Baptiste Say (Say's Law)