Since Sep 15, 2004

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I'll vote for him if he's the nominee, but I came up with these observations of his followers' behavior.

Rules for Trump:

1. Only Trump is allowed to have previously held a contrary position.

2. The position described in Rule 1 doesn't matter because Trump is evolving, much like Obama and Gay Marriage. The position he holds today is what benefits him today.

3. If another candidate contradicts a previous statement, he is a flip-flopping, slimy weasel of a politician.

4. If Trump's own words are used in showing his fundamental lack of conservative principles, whether in video interviews, radio, rallies or tweets, in whole or in part, it is consider an attack, a misquote, out-of-context or an outright lie. Future ads will be made of his current statements and they, too, will be consider lies.

5. If anyone responds to an attack by Trump or his surrogates, the smallest point will be "pushed through" in true Alinsky fashion as a way to ignore the main point of counter criticism, and is used as an additional attack against the respondent. This way the initial attack stands and the response is used to further discredit the candidate or supporter of another candidate.

6. If that other candidate says something that sounds like Trump's current position, he obviously stole it from Trump. However, Trump must never be accused of sounding like a Democrat and no Democrat will be accused of stealing his ideas from Trump.

Really the beauty of having a cult following as does Trump, is that just as his past Democrat positions and statements are discounted completely, so may any future position or statement he may ever make. It makes him impervious to any criticism because his supporters defend him with the fervor of The True Believer.