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2004 - [Twenty Years Later] John Glenn's failed presidential campaign still owes millions

2005 - VINDICATED [Poderetz on Iraqi Elections]

2007 - Nazi Archives Finally Made Public [Thank you President Bush!]

Egyptian Gov. Publication: Questioning the Sanctity of Jerusalem in Islam (MEMRI)

! HAL9000 - Links to News Sources (v 2.6)

'Awesome' economic advances

(Nevada) High court declare Constitution unConstitutional


10 Regions of US Politics [really nice bit of election results scholarship]

1998 - US Government via NY Times - Bin Laden and Iraq Agreed to Cooperate on Weapons Development

1998: Kerry calls for ground troops to topple Saddam; Clinton not tough enough

1999 Alabama Democratic Party funds diverted to Boston bank

1999 AP Flashback: Saddam has offered asylum to bin Laden


2002 - The Photo That Started It All (Media lying via the camera)

2002 IRAQ WAR RESOLUTION (declaration of war)

2003 - Anything into oil -- OUTSTANDING Article on Refining waste into oil

2003 - In July Time Magazine Interview, Joe Wilson Said His Wife Had Nothing To Do With Niger Trip

2003 - No one’s immune to Microsoft Windows XP hell - not even Bill Gates

2003 Anthrax Terror [CIA Building Case 2001 Anthrax Attacks were Terrorism]

2004 'Marxists' destroy 'New South Africa'

2004 - (APEX) Leading Chinese TV Exporter Has Huge Loss

2004 - 262 mass graves discovered in Iraq

2004 - 57% Have Unfavorable Opinion of France

2004 - 7 Constructive Ways to Influence the Media

2004 - 90 Percent of Afghan Electorate Registered for Milestone October Vote, U.N. Says

2004 - A $136,000 Link (Cleland is a Bush Appointee)

2004 - Alien message 'may be in our DNA'

2004 - All Hail the Party of Hate!

2004 - Banning Guns In the U.K. Has Backfired

2004 - Bill O'Reilly Defends Dan Rather

2004 - Bogus Outrage (NYT bias alert) Herbert - Krugman: caught repeating known lie re: Florida

2004 - Britain's PM Blair: 'Mass killing justifies war' [mass graves in Iraq]

2004 - Britons secretly kept in postwar French camps

2004 - Bush Guard Service, The True Story [all questions answered herein]

2004 - Bush signs "American Jobs Creation Act of 2004" [sales tax deduction - ends export subsidies]

2004 - Bush's stint in Guard scrutinized": REBUTTAL TO TODAY'S WASHINGTON POST HIT PIECE

2004 - Bush2nd Term = W2: But Who Is He? (Bumbling Rich Kid or Populist Demagogue)

2004 - Cashing Out, Moving On: Former S.D homeowners find real estate profits go a long way

2004 - CIA: 53 chemical weapons found including 41 sarin/cyclosarin rockets at one Iraqi site!!!

2004 - Cities Across United States See Dramatic Fall in Violent Crime Despite Downturn in Economy

2004 - CNN Names Image Files For President Bush:#@!hole.jpg; Moron.jpg

2004 - Congress cuts aid in fight over criminal court [refuse to guarantee ICC immunity? no $$]

2004 - Court Orders Florida City to Level Crosses at Cemetery

2004 - CT Court: Parents May Spank

2004 - Dick Morris is really going after the exit poll scandal with a vengance!!

2004 - Evidence of Jesse Jackson and Air America Lying is in Post #27 (re: Ohio recount)

2004 - Federal Court: Bush Judicial Appointment [Pryor] Legal

2004 - Florida Passes Three-Strikes Law for Malpractice Suits

2004 - Going apoplectic [Great Slams]

2004 - Good News About Poverty

2004 - Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents

2004 - Gun control doesn't reduce crime, violence, say studies

2004 - Hillary Aide Pressed Networks to Nix Ohio Call

2004 - Holbrooke and Thaqui [KLA] planned terror [against Serbs]

2004 - Homo Hate: Kerry Loses to Rove’s Anti-Gay - Debunked in Post#6

2004 - Hong Kong 'Silicon Valley' struggling

2004 - How Galveston Opted Outof Social Security

2004 - Increased U.S. Security Paying Off at Border (Arizona Border Tightened)

2004 - Intelligent Intelligence Reform - Duncan Hunter is doing the right thing!

2004 - Is That What He Really Said? (WP Ombudsman Admits Cheney Never Said Kerry was "Unfit")

2004 - Italy blames France for Niger uranium claim

2004 - Jewish Republicans track Michael Moore's comments on Israel

2004 - John Kerry's Voting Record on Second Amendment and Hunting Issues

2004 - Karen Hughes went nuts on AP reporter about the boos

2004 - Kerry, Edwards Ignored Senate Bill to Create Intelligence Czar

2004 - Kyoto Protocol is Dead

2004 - Leon Klinghoffer's Daughters' Letter to New York Times Editor on Arafat's Death


2004 - Lo-lights of Kerry's Senate Record

2004 - Look and See: The Rape of the Masters

2004 - Looted Al QaQaa 'explosives' are in fact urinary antiseptic

2004 - M1 Abrams Tank Still Far From Retirement (Army Future Force)

2004 - Media Bias charts --> Finish the Story (Wilson)

2004 - MI6 probes French links to Iraq scam

2004 - Michigan: The Mood (Pollwatcher accounts of vote fraud in Detroit)

2004 - More Drilling approved for Alaska oil reserve

2004 - No IAEA Seals on Al-Qaqaa Bunkers in KSTP Video

2004 - Pat Buchanan says bill passed by House 'has explosive potential'

2004 - Pope Says Attempts to Destroy Family as Institution Deeply Wounds Society

2004 - Rasmussen: Social Security Reform - 67% Support

2004 - Reach out and sneer: Dem radicals speak to the Red States

2004 - Representative-elect's son arrested in tire slashings [Wisconsin]

2004 - Robot with attitude: Armed with shotgun, WMD sensor

2004 - Rogue partisan attacks on CIA's Goss just shameless

2004 - Russia ratifies Kyoto environment pact

2004 - Russian School Siege Prompts Horrified Self-Criticism in Arab Media

2004 - See What (FILM) Theo van Gogh Was Murdered For.


2004 - Still Raging Against the Machines---> Debunking another election conspiracy theory

2004 - Sudan, Rebels Sign Landmark Peace Deals

2004 - Swift Vets: Real Men Confront the Left

2004 - Terrorists Captured/Killed/Seen in Iraq

2004 - The numbers: Polls vs. Actual Vote Counts

2004 - The Swelling Wave. A great wave of DNA knowledge is soon to crash our party.

2004 - Troop Movement: Our troop-deployment system is a Cold War relic.

2004 - U.S. Signs Agreement Targeting Methane

2004 - US Announces clean air agreement with CITGO - 200,000 tons of polluntants reduced under Bush

2004 - USEC Reports 9k Nuclear Warheads Permanently Eliminated [HEU to low-enriched uranium fuel]

2004 - Video:French Helicopters Fire on Ivory Coast Civilians 11/30/2004

2004 - What I Really Said About Iraq (Bremer)

2004 - White House replica draws stares in Georgia

2004 -- 1999 ABC interview with bin Laden acknowledges ties to Saddam weapons

2004 -Kerry gets blame for Haiti unrest (Kerry's comments give aid and comfort to Aristide, per UN!)

2004 British report links al Qaeda, Baghdad - Chem and Bio weapons

2004 Bush's Good Day in Court [Wins 3 rulings on enemy combatants]

2004 C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-O-N (Connection -- Iraq, Saddam, Al Qaeda, terrorism)(NRO)(Specifics)

2004 CBS News producers blasts Paul Krugman for lies.

2004 Congress Backs Israel/ Sharon/Bush 407-9 (Conyers, Lee, Paul voted against Israel)

2004 Days after Plain Dealer ''outing''; CHL-holder Bill Singleton is dead

2004 Democratic Self-Contradictions - the double binds of George W. Bush

2004 Dubya: Mr. Multilateral (Serious SGO under the radar)

2004 EU Intelligence backs claim Iraq tried to buy uranium [NY TImes!]

2004 Guns and deep remorse in the land Down Under - Violent Crime Up 166% after gun confiscations

2004 GWB Terminates Exec Order 12722 of August 2, 1990 [IRAQ Business w/US OK Again]

2004 How the lunatics were propelled to power circa 1917 Great War

2004 Iraqis,Seeking Foes of Saudis, Contacted bin Laden (NY Times Documents Iraq/Al Qaeda on Page 1)

2004 Jobless rate drops to 5.5%, Total employment rose by 629,000 - Markets sell off-Media bloviates


2004 Mainstream Business Journalists Lie about Job Creation during the Bush Admin (Hard Data - BLS)

2004 Missile installed at Greely (Alaska - NMD - A First ICBM Defensive Kill Vehicle )

2004 new - U.S. yanked 1999 bribe plan to capture Bin Laden (hillary!, Albright might object)

2004 NYC 'peace rally'-I want peace in the Middle East. I decided to attend. All hell broke loose.

2004 Plame Nominated Husband Joe Wilson For Niger Uranium Trip (Wilson lied about EVERYTHING)

2004 Projected Presidential Electoral Votes as of 1/21/2004

2004 Remarks by the President at the United States Air Force Academy Graduation Ceremony

2004 Salaries are increasing for New Grads

2004 Scientist Who Warned Against DDT Ban Dies

2004 The More That Canada Invests in Cuba, the harsher Castro Cracks Down Against Human Rights.

2004 U.S. flies radioactive material [2 tons of Uranium], suitable for dirty bomb, out of Iraq

2004 U.S. Tax burden spreadsheet

2004 UK Inquiry will back intelligence that Iraq sought uranium

2004 Village Voice Cover Story Asks "Why THEY Like Him: The Baffling Appeal of George W. Bush"

2004 WHO: European Health Care Fails Elderly

2004 “On Point: The United States Army in Iraqi Freedom”(The Official Army study on Iraq operations)

2005 - "AD" versus "CE" flap -- State recalls 50,000 high school diplomas (La)

2005 - 'Bikinis and booze caused bombings' - Not U.S. Invasion of Iraq

2005 - (Rahm) Emanuel's own Ethics Storm

2005 - 10,000 same-day registrations in Milwaukee illegible [re: 2004 Presidential election]

2005 - 1999 VIDEO: ABC News Report Linking Saddam Hussein And Osama Bin Laden

2005 - 5 Democrats charged in 2004 election-day tire slashings in WI

2005 - 55 Ways to Hack Mozilla's Firefox

2005 - A True FREEPER Story About the Iraqi Overseas Elections and Political Activism

2005 - Abortion: Just the Data. New Report Shows Procedure's Numbers Down

2005 - Abortions in MN hit 30-year low

2005 - ACLU backs off challenge to intelligent design

2005 - ACLU Changes Its Website After Being Caught Editing and Distorting the 1st Amendment

2005 - AI self-replication - self-replicating - New Robot Reproduces on Its Own

2005 - Al Qaeda Getting Tagged as Losers

2005 - Alabama limits eminent domain

2005 - Alaska anti-gun-control law goes into effect Wednesday

2005 - Alive! The race to create life from scratch

2005 - America: The Low-Cost Producer

2005 - American Household Wealth Surges to New Record--Fed

2005 - Andrew McIntosh, Mathematics (Design vs. Evolution...there has to be a Designer)

2005 - Archaeoraptor hoax update — National Geographic recants quietly about earlier dinosaur2bird

2005 - Ballistics statute faulted

2005 - Border fence to shield Laredo college (Texas)

2005 - Border Patrol Backs Bush Immigration Proposal

2005 - Brazilian Voters Strongly Reject Gun Ban!

2005 - Bush Spying Story Is Four Years Old [MATA-Somehow geeky Wired News managed to scoop NYT by

2005 - Bush's First-Term Record on Job Growth

2005 - Caltech student sentenced to more than 8 years for 8-2003 SUV arson

2005 - Cell Phone Virus Strikes Santa Monica

2005 - China 'crushing' Muslim minority

2005 - China Severs Its Currency's Link to Dollar

2005 - China spent $195bn to maintain currency peg for $110 Billion Trade Surplus

2005 - ChoicePoint ID thief gets 5-1/2 years

2005 - Chomsky The Ba'athist - Noam Chomsky Urges The Left To Side With Syria

2005 - Christians, Arrested for Protesting Homosexual Street Fair, Now Acquitted in PA

2005 - Completing the French Connection (The reasoning behind the forged Niger Documents)

2005 - Congress prepared to move on LNG [Sessions, Riley, Alabama]

2005 - Conservatives begin to infiltrate the left's last redoubt. [Universities]

2005 - Court Dismisses Reparations Suit Against Democrats (lack of standing)

2005 - Cuba's Dollar Ban Explained

2005 - Cytopia gets green light….CANCER CURE ? CYT997

2005 - DA Ronnie Earle Blew More Cases Against Dems

2005 - DeLay Accuses Earle of Taking Corporate Funds

2005 - DNA: The Tiny Code That's Toppling Evolution

2005 - Environmentalists are the fossils - poor cause more pollution than SUV's

2005 - Environmentalists to Blame for New Orleans Flooding - sued to stop floodgate project

2005 - EUROPE - THY NAME IS COWARDICE (WOW! Saying it like it is!)

2005 - Fires in France 'not an Islamic intifada' (WaPost gets situation wrong - unreal)

2005 - Fred Barnes: Bush Hadta Have CAFTA (The lame duck wins again)

2005 - French FM cautions Romania against intimate ties with US

2005 - Genetic DNA Code Skipping Example

2005 - Gonzales Lays Out His Priorities at Justice Dept. (speed up deportation of illegals)

2005 - Grand Jury Saw DeLay Prosecutor As Lacking

2005 - High-tech weapons help Europe to close military gap with US

2005 - How a Lone Diplomat [Nancy Powell] Compromised the Hunt for Bin Laden

2005 - How Bush's vodka thwarted Putin's thugs

2005 - How the Left Betrayed My Country - Iraq

2005 - How The Mainstream Media Helps the Global Jihad

2005 - Hunting for Homosexuals (Bill Moyers and the Left target gays)

2005 - In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President [Wead records GWB]

2005 - India, China account for only 1.6 % of jobs from US firms

2005 - Indicators of Progress in Iraq

2005 - Intelligent Design is Falsifiable

2005 - Iraq: Former PM Reveals Secret Service Data on Birth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq (Great News)

2005 - Iraq: the terrorists are losing

2005 - Iraqi Election and Protest After Action Analysis by IraqiKurd

2005 - Is the ACLU Trying to Undermine the U.S. Military?

2005 - Joe Wilson's Lies, A Timeline - Who Forged the Documents? (Vanity)

2005 - Jordan king: Iraq refused to deport Zarqawi

2005 - Katrina/New Orleans Timeline - Was FEMA Really Slow?

2005 - Keeping Score Against al Qaeda (Great Al Qaeda scorecard primer)

2005 - Kosovo Albanians to build Nazi monument

2005 - Kyoto to 'reduce Europe's growth' 2% to 3%

2005 - Lack of Automobility Key to New Orleans Tragedy [Smart Growth anti-sprawl plans kill]

2005 - Landrieu Says State Was Prepared For Katrina - 8-28-05

2005 - Larry Johnson, Daniel Ellsberg & The Truth Telling Project --Pleading For Intel Leaks

2005 - Lies of Joe Wilson: Part VI, "Top Ten Worst Inaccuracies and Mistakes"

2005 - Madrid Bombing Suspect Caught in Serbia

2005 - Maine House Bill Would Protect Fetuses Carrying the ‘Gay Gene’: Limbaugh ahead of the curve

2005 - Mary Mapes and Col. David Hackworth (New Link to Rathergate Story)

2005 - Massive corruption in China banks, 50 bln dlrs missing

2005 - Media's coverage has distorted world's view of Iraqi reality

2005 - Microsoft on 'rootkits' and CD-Bootable Windows XP

2005 - Molecular CPU mechanism may lead to new drugs to combat human diseases

2005 - Musharraf called for a holy war against preachers of hate

2005 - NAACP refuses to cooperate with IRS probe into allegedly political activity

2005 - New York Times Finds Iraqi WMD Sites

2005 - Niger WMD document forger [russo - rocko martino italian] in pay of France - french intel ura

2005 - NSA (letter to Senate - EAvesdropping on com w/enemies is legal)

2005 - Nuke the Filibuster (LA Times Editorial Advocates Use of Nuclear Option)

2005 - NYC:The truth on bar smoking ban

2005 - NYP: NY'S CASSANDRA - docs deep-sixed by 9/11 Commission - Gorelick Warned by Mary Jo White

2005 - NYT: Get Your NSA Stories Straight

2005 - Oil on troubled waters may stop hurricanes

2005 - On Tyranny (The antidote to Peggy Noonan's WSJ bitchiness)

2005 - Opposition Research Website by Horowitz

2005 - Paul Krugman finally gets his comeuppance at NY Times From Daniel Okrent

2005 - Political Strategy's Tactical Assault Project

2005 - Poll: Four Years After the Fall of the Taliban, Afghans Optimistic About the Future

2005 - Pres Bush asked Gov and N.O. Mayor to order mandatory evacuation, NOT their idea (Katrina)

2005 - President Bush Signs Bill Curbing Class-Action Suits

2005 - President Bush Speaks to Ecstatic Georgians (Live Thread)

2005 - Probe: Leaders Didn't Order Prison Abuse [abu ghraib]

2005 - Prosecutor reveals third grand jury had refused DeLay indictment

2005 - Public glimpses machines that fueled bomb

2005 - Putting Relativity To The Test, NASA's Gravity Probe B To Reveale If Einstein Was Right

2005 - Ronnie Earle Should Not Be a Prosecutor-Abuse of Power Should Offend Dems & Republicans Alike

2005 - Ronnie Earle's Tainted Past (DeLay "prosecutor")

2005 - Russia:Massive anti-terror demonstration held in Volgograd(50K for 9/11)

2005 - Scanning the Universe, Round Two patrickhenry-radioastronomer-bobdsmith-ichneumon flee

2005 - Secretary of State Rice dazzles Europe

2005 - Shun Terror, Imam Urges Muslims in Eid Sermon (Is Islam finally wising up?)

2005 - Silicon Insider: R.I.P. Microsoft? Convergence predictions by Southack, NickDanger, Bush2000

2005 - Son of Spiritual Mentor of Osama Bin Laden Calls Attacks on Civilians Criminal

2005 - Supreme Court: people convicted of crime overseas can still own gun

2005 - THE 9/11 COMMISSION IN MORTAL DANGER - Podoretz - Gorelick - Atta - Prague coverup

2005 - THE FACE OF A DEMOCRAT AND LIAR (anti-war march phony is exposed by congressmanbillybob)

2005 - The Legality of the NSA's Intercept Program

2005 - The new insurgency: Foreign, untrained teenagers (Shows We're Winning in Iraq)

2005 - The Real Cuba - Photographs of areas where tourists aren't allowed to go.

2005 - The Saddam-al Qaeda link

2005 - The Schiavo Case [Evil NYT editorial]

2005 - The UN, Al-Tuwaitha, and Nukes - Iraqi Uranium and the News Media

2005 - The UN, Al-Tuwaitha, and Nukes - uranium and the News Media

2005 - The White House facts...the CIA and the Joe/Valerie Plame/Wilsons Busted

2005 - Tide of Lies Swamps NY Times (Katrina)

2005 - U.S. firm sweet on offshoring deals gone sour

2005 - U.S. military reports missile defense test success (6 out of 7 and 5 out of 8)

2005 - U.S. Says It Has Withdrawn From World Judicial Body [The Hague]

2005 - U.S. to launch bombs from sub-orbital spacecraft

2005 - UFCW becomes third union to break with AFL-CIO

2005 - UK Cops use plane to nab apple-eating driver

2005 - Ultra-sensitive microscope reveals DNA processes

2005 - Unclassified report from CIA Iraq WMD Program as of June 2001

2005 - Unwarranted Outrage -The NY Times blew our cover (leakgate)

2005 - US Downs Ballistic Missile in Successful Test [Sea-Leg, w/ Orbital Intercept]

2005 - US lists 10 foiled terror plots

2005 - Vallely: Wilson told me 'my wife is CIA' in 2002 [my title]

2005 - Virginia Rodino - Nader Director, Antiwar Leader & Univ. Prof. Calls for US Military Defeat

2005 - WaPost Turns Into DailyKos and DU, Bashes Bush's Good Fortune. Three Lucky Economic Breaks

2005 - Watchdog Groups in Soros's pocket: GOP (George Soros paid off liberal DC political groups)

2005 - Water Ice In Crater At Martian North Pole

2005 - We Bust Barbara Boxer on Her Blatant Iraq Lie

2005 - [Germany] 'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits'

2005 - [LA TIMES] Republicans are the New Progressives


2005 -- 9/11 Y2K; the 9/11 attack that happened BEFORE 2001 (Free Republic Southack Exclusive)

2005 -13pg Al Qaeda Memo Obtained (Zawahiri to Zarqawi: send money - and use bullets not beheadings)

2005 -Adding Acetone to Gasoline Update

2005 -Larry Johnson's Group (VIPS) Called On CIA Employees To Leak Secrets To Hurt Bush

2005 -There's No Place Like Home: What I learned from my wife's month in the British medical system.

2005 -Tom Delay's attorney files 'Prosecuteral Misconduct' charges against the D.A. in Travis County

2005 debunking icheneumon-bobdsmith-balrog666 & others - Scanning the Universe, Round Two

2005 Judge drops all charges against Philly Christians re:Gay OutFest Protest

2005 Judge drops all charges against Philly Christians re:Gay OutFest Protest

2005 President Carter's son admits past drug use led to Navy discharge

2005 Prosecutor Ronnie Earle reveals third grand jury had refused DeLay indictment

2005-Amnesia - New York Times 1998:Bin Laden and Iraq Made a Deal; 2004: No Al Qaeda Iraq Connection

2005-Schiavo - Selective Restraint: Liberals Cheered as Reno Defied Courts to Seize Elian Gonzalez

2006 - '13' CYBER CLUES TO 9/11 PILOT (Mohammad Atta surfaced 13 Times Before 9-11)

2006 - '60s nuclear bomb gets life extension

2006 - 2001 WMD Doc: Saddam Approved the Re-Use of Iraqi Nuclear Equipment

2006 - 2001, 2002 Iraqi Memos: SECRET NUCLEAR PROJECT (Translation)

2006 - 2003 Document: Palestinian Terrorists to Join Saddam's Iraq And Fight US Troops (PFLP)

2006 - 2003 wartime doc: Iraqi Intelligence Asks Hamas To Conduct Terror Attacks Against Americans

2006 - 44 Recommendations on China

2006 - 9/11 pilots (Atta) video taped with Osama Bin Laden in 2000

2006 - A Mathematician's View of Evolution - probabilities - irreducible complexity

2006 - ABC News: Zarqawi may have been killed [Confirmed DEAD by NBC] Now breaking on MSNBC & CNN

2006 - ACLU Drops Patriot Act Challenge

2006 - Activists working to 'paralyze' U.S. on May 1

2006 - Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Guides Missile to Seventh Successful Target Intercept

2006 - Air Force to Test Coal-Based Jet Fuel

2006 - Al-Qaida asks nuclear experts to join jihad + kidnap Westerners to trade for Shiehk

2006 - Amazing ultrasound of unborn baby crying

2006 - Amid Iraqi Chaos, Schools Fill After Long Decline

2006 - Apr2003 Doc: Saddam Ordered To Treat The Arab Feedayeen Terrorists The Same As Iraqi Soldiers

2006 - Arafat - Legacy of Terror

2006 - Brain can be made to self-repair

2006 - Bush EPA Mandates 'Clean Diesel'

2006 - Bush signs away India's nuclear winter [US-India Nuclear Pact]

2006 - Bush's CIA Critic Exposed as Untrue (More CIA Attempts to Undermine Bush and Sell Books)

2006 - Bush-appointed Judges: Most Conservative On Record, New UH Study Finds

2006 - California ranked 47th smartest - Study suggests education in state in decline

2006 - Cancer cell 'executioner' ~ synthetic molecule which caused cancer cells to self-destruct.

2006 - Castro Goons Attack U.S. reporter - free press

2006 - CIA Fires Officer For Leaking Classified Information to Media

2006 - CIA's Castra Praetoria [CIA left-wing treason]

2006 - Coal-to-Oil Project Approved by China

2006 - Democrat Pleads Guilty in Steele Case ( Steele now considering civil suit! )

2006 - Discovery of Constant, Sun Spot Induced, Harmless 1500 Years Global Warming Cycles

2006 - DNC Vice Chair Susan Turnbull said U.S. troops “murdered Zarqawi". VANITY

2006 - Document: Iraqi Intel To Train Arab Feedayeen Terrorists In the Year 2000 (Translation)

2006 - Document: Saddam Regime Training and Using Foreign Arab Terrorists As Suicide Bombers

2006 - Documents: Al-Qaida sought U.S.-Iran war

2006 - Electric Mini: 0-60 in 4 seconds: It has motors in its wheels

2006 - Evidence: Saddam did have al-Qaida tiesDocuments contradict Senate conclusion to the contrary

2006 - Evolution and Me - Information Theory and Irreducible Complexity

2006 - Ex-Colleague Says Armitage Was Source of CIA Leak (Plame-Wilson)

2006 - Fact Sheet: Securing U.S. Ports (we are screening 100% of shipping containers)

2006 - Fined For Being Too Fast [UK punishes hospital because it didn't make patients wait] medicine

2006 - Germany jails homeschoolers

2006 - GMA's Disillusioned Republican Woman Not Really So Republican (FR mentioned, I'm famous!)

2006 - GOP sues for license records (NM-Illegals-voter fraud)

2006 - Governor Riley Signs Alabama “Castle Doctrine” into Law

2006 - Green coal? Process converts coal into diesel fuel more efficiently

2006 - Homeland Security Unveils Immigration Enforcement Strategy for the Interior

2006 - House Wants to Deny Sanctuary Cities Aid

2006 - How U.S. Citizens Mysteriously March For Kremlin Causes

2006 - IBM Technology Translates Arabic Media Broadcasts to English ~ Technology to help us.....

2006 - Inflation Theory Disproved Mathematically (Post #365)

2006 - Internet blows CIA cover (It's easy to track America's covert operatives)

2006 - Introns and splisosome engines Stump Evolutionary Theorists

2006 - Iraq oil output hits record level 2.5 million bpd


2006 - Iraq: The Untold Truths (Great Article)

2006 - Iraqi Document: Highly Radioactive Atomic Neutron Device (Translation)

2006 - Iraqi Documents Rebut the Senate Intelligence Report on WMD.

2006 - Iraqi training of Afghan terrorists

2006 - Iraqi Tribes Strike Back at Insurgents

2006 - Jimmy Carter's Dirty Racist Tricks

2006 - Judge Lamberth - Who Stopped Pre-9/11 Al Qaeda Taps - Removed

2006 - JVERITAS Response to the NYT Article Regarding Iraq Nuclear Program.

2006 - KGB Letter Outlines Sen. Kennedy's Overtures to Soviets, Prof Says

2006 - Labor Shortage in China May Lead to Trade Shift

2006 - Lawyer falls to death - Paul Sanford, WH Press Corps Reporter & Michael Newdow's Attorney

2006 - Lawyer Lynne F. Stewart Convicted in Terror Case Lied on the Stand, a Juror Says

2006 - Leaving the Left (How I learned to stop worrying and hate the terrorists)

2006 - Mac OS X hacked under 30 minutes

2006 - March 2002 Document: Saddam Ordered 25,000 Dollars for Each Suicide Terrorist Against Israel.

2006 - March 2003 Iraqi Orders to Hide Weapons In Underground Shelters (Pentagon Translation)

2006 - Memo reportedly shows location of WMD : Text from Saddam regime describes burial

2006 - Model Smuggles Cuban Slum Photos Out - in Bra

2006 - MOND - TeVeS Alt theories of gravity explains large structure formation--without dark matter

2006 - Montana's Coal [oil] Cowboy (synfuel)

2006 - More unscientific Gravity claims: GR pulsar test -- Einstein at least 99.95% right


2006 - N.Y. Times' Iraq Detainee Story Challenged (Hooded Guy)

2006 - New York City first in U.S. to ban artificial trans fats -margerine- in restaurant food.

2006 - NEWSWEEK “Isikoffed” the Gonzales Memo (re: Geneva Convention)

2006 - NY Times - NYT may drop Ombudsman (Calame)

2006 - NY Times Public Editor Recants:Paper Wrong to Expose Terrorist Surveillance Program


2006 - Plame Out - The ridiculous end to the scandal that distracted Washington.

2006 - Prenatal Screening not so Accurate as Once Thought – “Normal” Children Killed as “Defective”?

2006 - Quarterly Iraq Progress Report Shows Prodigious Achievements!

2006 - Radar Didn't Get Her; Radiation [Detection] Did (Cool!!)

2006 - Ramzi Yousef, Oklahoma City, and Al Qaeda: Linked in Documents?

2006 - Raytheon tests anti-RPG mini-missile

2006 - Report: Israeli IAF wiped out Hezbollah long-range missiles during Lebanon war

2006 - Requiem for Environmentalism and Earth Day: Long Live the Environment!

2006 - Rest assured, we checked out Election 2004 thoroughly

2006 - Reuters admits altering Beirut photo

2006 - Reversing And Accelerating The Speed Of Light

2006 - Rigs on the Skyline and Gas Far Below (Ft Worth, TX) Barnett Shale zone play

2006 - Sacribegovic (Sacribey): Milosevic - Serbia had an agreement with the U.S. - Clinton

2006 - Saddam Hussein knew Zarqawi headed Al Qaeda cell in Iraq August 2002

2006 - Saddam Regime Document: SADDAM MET WITH HIS NUCLEAR GROUP IN 2002 (Translation)

2006 - Saddam's WMD and terrorist connections all proven in one document - Anthrax & Palestinians

2006 - Saddam, Al Qaeda, Taliban: OPERATIONAL TIES - Iraqi alliance

2006 - san francisco Gun Ban Overturned

2006 - Senate rejects U.S. troop pullout in Iraq - 93-6

2006 - September 1998 Document: Secret Research Programs Related to WMD (Translation)

2006 - Shell unveils plans for 'biggest refinery in US'( Largest and First since 1972)

2006 - SMU's big idea for Bush library

2006 - Special Report: Maj. Gen. McCoy responds to Washington Post

2006 - Supreme Court Vacates Ninth Circuit Voter ID Order (GOOD NEWS)

2006 - The new Liberian President on Fox News' Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf addressing Congress

2006 - Turning the Tables on Abusive Tort Lawyers

2006 - Two (More) Unions Leave AFL-CIO

2006 - U.S. Casualties Continue to Drop Sharply

2006 - U.S. More Christian Now Than Ever

2006 - U.S. Profits surge to 40-year high

2006 - US to test 700-tonne explosive in Nevada in June

2006 - Video: Karzai responds to reporter’s question about terrorism [must see]

2006 - VoIP Security Alert: Hackers Start Attacking For Cash

2006 - Voter Registration Fraud by Liberal Advocacy Group (ACORN) Goes Virtually Unreported

2006 - WaPOST: It's unfortunate so many people took Joe Wilson seriously...(Plame)

2006 - What We've Gained In 3 Years in Iraq by Donald Rumsfeld

2006 - Women plead guilty in 2001 UW firebombing attack

2006 - WSJ Finds Kyoto-Inspired Carbon Trading Hikes Electric Bills for German Consumers

2006 -in2001 Iraqi Air Force General Recruits Suicide Terrorists to Hit US InterestsTranslatJoeShada

2006 B-52 Air Force Test of alternative jet fuel (clean coal, natural gas to JP8) termed 'success'

2006 Frist: AP - Remarks about Taliban distorted and taken out of context

2006 House Intel Chair Suspends Democratic Staff Member [leak]

2006 New York Honors Fidel Castro and 1962 NYC Bomb Plan With Statue

2006 Op-Code Beyond Genetics in DNA

2006-3/11 ETA Provided False Identifications to the Islamic Terrorists that Attacked the WTC in 1993

2006CNN & HAVANNA JOURNAL: China and India to drill for Cuban oil off Florida keys in Gulf of Mexico

2007 - "Ocean cooling" was an instrument artifact! global warming hoax

2007 - 'Sicko': Heavily Doctored

2007 - 18,000 Arrested in Illegals Sting

2007 - 58 Votes on Iraq War This Year: Why? Republicans Ask

2007 - 911 9/11 mastermind (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) confesses in Guantanamo gitmo also 1993 wtc

2007 - After Russia and Canada, U.S. mapping ship headed for Arctic

2007 - Al Qaeda Confession: Only 200 Foreign Terrorists are left in Iraq.

2007 - B-52 fleet certified to use synthetic fuel blend coal oil F-T gas

2007 - Big Bang's afterglow fails intergalactic shadows predictions -Cosmic Microwave Background CMB

2007 - Billions Diverted in New Jersey Put State Pension Fund at Risk

2007 - Blogger Discovers 'Media Matters' Using Clinton Admin Operatives as Official Agents


2007 - Bush authorizes arming of Serbia

2007 - Bush Lifts Oil-Drill Ban in Alaska's Bristol Bay

2007 - California com recs ripping out Klamath Dams [Davis flunkie Tooker + river + electricity]

2007 - California's Expensive ZIP Codes Deliver Cut-Rate Education Results [Carlsbad]

2007 - Captured Al Qaeda Document Shows Bin Laden Deputy Aymen Al Zawahiri Visited Iraq and Iran

2007 - Captured al-Qaeda Member Confirms UBL Camps In Saddam's Iraq

2007 - Carter's Maps: Worse Than Plagiarism

2007 - Charles Pickering Gets the Last Word - Democratic Judicial Smears

2007 - China's Green Environmental Audit Put On Hold

2007 - Chinese police raid alleged terror camp (ETIM - East Turkestan Islamic Movement)

2007 - Clinton campaign kills (spikes threatens) negative story

2007 - Congo official arrested in uranium sale

2007 - coral DNA code skipping - Australian research questions evolution theories

2007 - DC Circuit strikes down DC gun law

2007 - DEA agents searched PETA's headquarters PETA Kills Animals: The Drug-Laced Update

2007 - Distributed IO by PSYOP Auxiliaries and Volunteer Counter Propagandists

2007 - DR Congo 'uranium ring smashed' [uranium smuggling from Africa!!]

2007 - Editor at L.A. Times quits - cites reporters news agenda

2007 - Elie Wiesel attacked in San Francisco S.F. hotel

2007 - EPA chief vows to probe e-mail threatening to ‘destroy’ climate skeptic's career

2007 - EPA denies California's bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

2007 - Federal Deficit Drops As Revenue Rises

2007 - Fence's Presence Felt

2007 - Fewer trying to cross border; New rules could deter more Mexicans

2007 - Find raises doubts on key theory of human evolution

2007 - France bans citizen journalists from reporting violence

2007 - France financed Genocide, German tells Mucyo (Rwanda)

2007 - French Scientist, among First To Warn of Global Warming, Changes His Mind

2007 - Gay Activists Assault Ex-Gay, Trash Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays Booth at County Fair

2007 - Gay Hate Speech from "Lethal force is required in retribution"

2007 - Ghost Voters Cast Ballots In Pittsburgh (Party affiliation not mentioned) vote fraud

2007 - Global Warming On Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Neptune's Moon & Earth Linked to Solar Activity

2007 - Global Warming on MARS proves SUN is Cause, not Man

2007 - Gun suit vs. U. Darby will cause ripples (PA)

2007 - Guns out of Control in Gun Control Britain

2007 - Handcuffed tightly, shoved around and yelled at (Police Attack Pro-lifers on College Campus)

2007 - Hawaii Supreme Court Blocks Voter-Passed Property Tax Relief

2007 - Hillary Clinton skips Senate hearing she called for [Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage]

2007 - Hillary Clinton Told YearlyKos Convention She Helped Start Media Matters

2007 - Hints of a breakdown of relativity theory?

2007 - Illegal immigration drops sharply along US-Mexico border

2007 - Inspections of North Korean Nuclear Facilities To Begin Next Week

2007 - Iraq Jihadist Meltdown (NY Sun)

2007 - Iraq to take control of whole nation by end 2007

2007 - Iraqi Palestinians told to leave or die (Arabs only use them 4 anti Israel fascism)

2007 - Is George Bush a Closet Green?

2007 - Japanese PM Abe calls for 'arc of freedom' spanning Pacific (open challenge to China)

2007 - Jimmy Carter: Too many Jews on Holocaust council

2007 - Killing Successful Interceptors (93 Deployed SM-3 and GBI missile defenses)

2007 - Leaked UK anti-Bush memo meant for JF Kerry to Use (leaked Oval Office talks)

2007 - Liability Lawyers Struggle to Pierce the Chinese Curtain

2007 - Lockheed's F-22 Raptor Gets Zapped by International Date Line

2007 - Media Ignore Hillary Speech To Gay HRC Group Against Social Conservatives (On YouTube

2007 - Media Still Using Wrong Number for Uninsured

2007 - Middle Classes Escape From Chavez Socialism

2007 - Misguided litigation [by "environmentalists"] magnifies wildfires [California forest fires]

2007 - More Evidence of Iraq Saddam-al Qaeda Ties By Ray Robison

2007 - Mugabe Associate Defies EU Travel Ban

2007 - NASA Finds Sun-Climate Connection in Egyptian Old Nile Records

2007 - NASA: Sun's Output Increasing in Possible Trend Fueling Global Warming

2007 - New Jersey Judge Orders Penal Charges Against Mom for Home-Schooling

2007 - One Marine, One Ship [Guadalcanal WW2 Paige and Lee]

2007 - Osama Bin Laden Latest Message: Al Qaeda Giving Up on Iraq and Focusing on Afghanistan

2007 - Paul Tibbets Jr., who flew plane that dropped first atomic bomb, dies at 92

2007 - Peer-harassed scientist rocks evolutionary boat - Sternberg NCSE Smithsonian

2007 - Police wait outside Petit home as girls perish inside (CT)

2007 - President Bush & U.S. Seeks to Curb Illegal Immigration

2007 - President Bush Called the Surrender Bill "Unconstitutional" (Excellent)

2007 - President Bush Signs H.R. 3648 (tax cut), The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007

2007 - Quantum Quirk: Stopped Laser Pulse Reappears a Short Distance Away

2007 - Relativism Hurts Families, Warns Pope Benedict XVI

2007 - Rumsfeld Gets Icy Treatment in Taos - Jeff Conant

2007 - Saddam Regime - May 1999 Reveals Plans for Terrorist Attacks in Europe (Translation)Iraq link

2007 - Saddam WMD: Findings and Analysis Based on Captured Iraqi Documents (Part I)

2007 - Saddam, Al Qaeda, the CIA and the Lies of the American Elite

2007 - Scientists Receive Death Threats For Questioning Man’s Role in Global Warming

2007 - SCOTUS TO Rep. Jim McDermott: "Bad Boy, Leaker!"

2007 - secret recordings explode the myth NAZIs knew nothing about the Holocaust

2007 - Seditious outrage in Olympia: Protesters block trucks, pour cement on train tracks.

2007 - Sen. Kerry permits last statute of limitations for defamation to lapse ...Swiftboat for truth

2007 - Senate rebukes for Gen. 'Betray Us' ad

2007 - Shadow Warriors--CIA State Department plots to destroy the presidency of George W. Bush

2007 - South Africa Faces Crime Challenge

2007 - String Theory, With No Holds Barred [Brian Greene and Lawrence Krauss debate]

2007 - Sun's pulses point to drenching rain for Australia through 2009 (Solar driven climate system)

2007 - Tax Funded Lobby Groups Ruled Illegal

2007 - THE BIG EASY'S BILLION DOLLAR BOONDOGGLE--federal relief $=$425,000 per person Katrina

2007 - The Last Naval Battle of the American Revolution

2007 - The NEA Lists its Goals and the Democratic Party Agrees

2007 - The Obama Muslim Shell Game: Catholic School Docs Show Obama Registered As Muslim


2007 - Three plead guilty in fake voter scheme [ACORN - Washington]

2007 - TiSi2 Semiconductor for Photocatalytic Splitting of Water and Subsequent hydrogen Gas Storage

2007 - Top UN court rules Serbia not guilty of genocide

2007 - U.N. Scientist Rejects Nobel Prize Share, Denounces Climate Alarmism

2007 - U.S. halts China space ventures

2007 - UK (C4) Documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle (Man Made Global Warming Debunked)

2007 - Univ. of Cal. Backs Down from 'No Jews Allowed' Program [State Dept. sponsored]

2007 - University of Delaware Requires Students to Undergo Ideological Reeducation [FIRE]

2007 - US and Iraqi Forces Arrest 70 Palestinians

2007 - US Senate passes Peru trade pact

2007 - Virginia Tech -- Now THIS is How You Do It (tu Bell Tower counter-sniper)

2007 - WA: Felony charges filed against 7 (ACORN)in state's biggest case of voter-registration fraud

2007 - Water Vapor Rules the Greenhouse System - Humans cause 0.28% of the "Greenhouse Effect"

2007 - What Happened to Freedom of Speech? (Ben Stein movie Expelled on evolution)

2007 - What's Behind China's Recent Currency Surge?(beating the new Yuan Dollar regulations)

2007 - White House sues the state of Illinois immigration db

2007 - Why So Gloomy? [MIT Scientist:Alarm over climate change is based on ignorance -global warming

2007 - World's Assets Hit Record Value Of $140 Trillion

2007 - “Facts Don’t Matter” Says The “Leftosphere”

2007 -CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Abortion Clinic Escorts in Austria, Sexually Abuse Praying Pro-Life Activists

2007 California teacher offended by NEA's 'manipulative, dishonest' tactics - RICO violations

2007 Cessna's New Plane (162) to Be Built in China

2007 Democrats Blame Republicans and Bush for Low Approval of Democrats

2007 U.N. Blackballs International Scientists from Climate Change Conference (UN global warming)

2007John Bolton and his Upper West Side 'press conference'--"not ashamed to be an American advocate"


2008 - (USDI UnderSec'y) Rey: States that back roadless forests should pay for fire costs

2008 - *LIVE THREAD* DC Gun Ban Struck Down 5-4 (Scalia for the win!)

2008 - 100 Lawmakers Urge Bush to Halt Anti-Abortion Proposal

2008 - 24% Have Favorable Opinion of New York Times

2008 - 700 miles of fence; Barrier on the Border Going Up Quickly (Finally!)

2008 - A FARC Fan's Notes [McGovern Mass Democrat working with Terrorist]

2008 - ACLU Changes its webpage on the 2nd Amendment - opposes DCvsHeller

2008 - Audio Found Obama arguing against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act

2008 - Big Wind from Texas [Patterson]

2008 - Bill Clinton: "We Just Have to Slow Down Our Economy" to Fight Global Warming

2008 - Brady Rankings: More Gun Laws, More Violent Crime

2008 - British policy advisor says Gore is in 'panic' mode - Global COOLING since 1998

2008 - Bush Administration to Propose New Rule Regarding Right-to-Carry in National Parks

2008 - Bush's Bull's-Eyes

2008 - Caption the leather AT&T tote bag given out @ the Democrat convention in Denver

2008 - CDO Credit Default Swaps are Naked Shorts - SEC Chairman Cox

2008 - City gives DNC host committee pass on gas tax

2008 - Clinton first linked al Qaeda to Saddam

2008 - Congressional Off-Shore Drilling Ban Expires Sept. 30, 2008 -- Unless Congress Renews

2008 - Court: A constitutional right to a gun [read the Opinion]

2008 - Csaba Csere Deflates Barack Obama's Tire Pressure Theory - (Car and Driver)

2008 - Dems’ Doublethink on Oil Drilling

2008 - Disconfirmations Disconfirmed: Saddam Had Iraq Nuke Programs

2008 - DNA Found to Have "Impossible" Telepathic Properties

2008 - DNC on Eric Cantor: "Both Abramoff and Cantor are Jewish"

2008 - DNC Superdelegates get campaign cash

2008 - Environmental Activists, Not Oil Companies, Blocking Domestic Drilling

2008 - Global warming alarmists knew cooling was coming (hoping to restrict economic activity first)

2008 - Global warming has ended - a new climate era of pronounced cold weather global cooling

2008 - Hillary caught in another lie [about Bosnia sniper fire]

2008 - Hizbullah operatives caught in Baghdad - Palestinians

2008 - How the Progressive Left Also Fights Dirty, Really Dirty (Intimidation of Donors-Must Read!)

2008 - Jerry Zeifman - Hillary as I knew her in 1974 (He fired her from Nixon impeachment committee)

2008 - Kissinger 'Europeans Hide Behind the Unpopularity of President Bush'

2008 - LA Times - How Mainstream Media Will Kill A Story

2008 - Largest Terrorist Forum Admits Al Qaeda Defeat in Iraq, Claims Shift To Afghanistan

2008 - Magnetic Reconnection Theory – Reinventing the Wheel - Badly

2008 - March trade deficit drops by bigger-than-expected amount

2008 - McCain Wins Debate 1 At Saddleback Church, Obama Fails to Get Back in the Saddle

2008 - McCain's Letter To Obama

2008 - McCain-Palin Rally Workers Rescue from the Trash, Hundreds of American Flags Used by the DNC

2008 - Microsoft Exec: [Vista] UAC Designed To 'Annoy Users'

2008 - MS Windows Vista Security Rendered Completely Useless

2008 - New LS Book: 48 Liberal Lies About American History (That You Probably Learned in School)

2008 - Obama - The New King of Flip Flop

2008 - Obama Aide Concedes 'Dollar Bill' Remark Referred to His Race

2008 - OBAMA TRIED TO STALL GIS' IRAQ WITHDRAWAL [election is over?]

2008 - Praying In Front of the Birmingham Abortion Mill

2008 - Residents: Plant worse than a Wal-Mart (NIMBY payback) Recycler

2008 - RNC Accuses Obama Bundler Jodie Evans (Code Pink) of Supporting Iraq Insurgency

2008 - Rock Star of Filter Prepares for Deployment as Army Reservist

2008 - Saudi king to organize interfaith conference with Jewish participants

2008 - Schwarzenegger denounces 'outrageous' homeschooling ruling

2008 - Security forces control virtually all Iraq: Petraeus

2008 - Senate Backs Wiretap Bill to Shield Phone Companies

2008 - Seven Western states, four provinces roll out greenhouse gas strategy

2008 - Shadow Warriors--CIA & State Department traitors, saboteurs, and the party of surrender.

2008 - Statement: Wayne LaPierre NRA On Vice President Dick Cheney Signing amicus brief

2008 - Surprise: Earths’ Biosphere is Booming, Satellite Data Suggests CO2 the Cause

2008 - Survey: Alabama Gung-Ho For Guns

2008 - Ted Kennedy Dumps Diesel Fuel into Nantucket Sound in 2002

2008 - Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling

2008 - Tennessee Dems Target GOP Candidate With Dirty Tricks; Democrats' Cover-Up Well Underway

2008 - Terrorist fired 500-600 bullets before he was killed'- (Armed Student Takes Out Terrorist)

2008 - Texas landowners slow border fence's progress in court

2008 - The Jihadists Admit Defeat in Iraq

2008 - The Patton of Counterinsurgency

2008 - Timeline shows Bush McCain Warning Dems of financial and housing crisis fannie mae

2008 - US, Czech Republic sign missile defense deal

2008 - Why do terrorists stop? (terrorist quit when bin Laden wouldn’t pay for his wife’s C-section)

2008 - Wind Jammers: Environmentalists Block Transmission Lines For Solar & Wind Power

2008 - Workers overcook nuclear warheads at Y-12

2008 - [U.S.] American Airline Passenger Jets to Get Anti-Missile Devices

2008 -Bobby Jindal Signs Law Allowing Intelligent Design in Louisiana Schools

2008 -Obama's 'Big Brother' vanishes from speech - 'Civilian security force' excised from.transcript

2008 Busted!... Video of Fannie Mae CEO in 2005 Explaining the "FAMILY" Connection with Dems & Obama

2008 SCOTUS: A constitutional right to a gun [read the DCvHeller opinion]

2009 - Darwin's Evolutionary Tree 'Annihilated'

2009 - Earth in Carbon Dioxide CO2 Famine, Says Scientist

2009 - Harvard Derivatives Whiz Fired For whistleblowing Larry Summers About "Frightening" Trades?

2009 - Is Your Bank on the Mend? How to Tell

2009 - Natural Petroleum Seeps Release Equivalent Of Up To 80 Exxon Valdez Oil Spills

2009 - Obama's Nominee to Justice Dept. Was a Terrorist's Lawyer

2009 - Washington Bans Dishwater Detergent (Spokane)

2009 Ninth Circuit: Second Amendment also protects gun owners from state law (incorporated) 2nd

2009 Obama Signs Law Banning Federal Embryo Research Two Days After Signing Executive Order to OK It

2010 - Cuba's Fidel Castro Gives Up on Communism: "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore"

2010 - FOOD SHORTAGE COMING; Oil at $300 by 2012!

2010 - Ripping Apart Einstein with Horava Gravity

2010 - Traffic deaths lowest since 1950 (nobody is working so nobody is driving)

2010 - Wikileaks: WMD program existed in Iraq prior to US invasion

2010 Director James Cameron challenges climate skeptics to debate and then bails out at last minute

2010 Harvard astrophysicist dismisses AGW theory, challenges peers to 'take back climate science'

2010-Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics

2011 - EPA Funds Leftist Groups That Sue EPA and Force Punishing Restrictions on American Industry

2011 - Particles recorded moving faster than light: CERN

2011 Asia pollution blamed for halt in global warming: study (Circular logic)

2012 - secretly recorded video, an offer to deliver absentee ballot votes for money (Rhode Island)

2012 5 Dirty Little Secrets About the Bush Tax Cuts

2012-This is what global cooling really looks like – new tree ring study shows 2000 years of cooling

2013 - Brazile: Bush came through on Katrina

2013 - Home Gasoline Refinery prepping

2013 - Scientists Develop An NMN 'Elixir' That Reverses A Known Cause Of Aging

2013 - Self-published e-book author: 'Most of my months are six-figure months' Kindle cnn amazon

2013 - Supreme Court rule for Florida property owner in land use case

2013- NASA Study Proves Carbon Dioxide Cools Atmosphere

2015 - Benghazi Commission: Obama Admin Gun-Running Scheme Armed Islamic State Libya/Syria

2015 - DC Police Chief: ‘Best Option’ Is For Citizens To Take Out Paris-Style Attackers

2015 - FBI Director Apparently Doesn’t Know How Buying a Gun on the Internet Works

2015 - Former Gitmo Detainee Released by Obama Now Al Qaeda Leader in Yemen

2015 - German Scientist Accused NASA of ‘Massive’ Temperature Alterations - global warming scam

2015 - GLOBAL COOLING - Climate change shock: Burning fossil fuels 'COOLS planet', says NASA

2015 - House intel committee opens probe of illegal NSA White House eavesdropping on Congress

2015 - OBAM and The ISIL War: The Real Cost of 20,000 Wasted Missiles

2015 - Obama & NSA Illegally Spy on Congress -WSJ

2015 - OBAMA and The ISIL War: The Real Cost of 20,000 Wasted Missiles

2015 - that marxist muslim homosexual posed with Iranian hostage takers!!!

2015 - The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

2015 BOMBSHELL: US Government Planned/Funded Failed Muslim Conquest Of USSR As Far Back As The 1950s

2015EMAIL shows Pentagon ASKED Hillary to LET THEM send help to Benghazi, proving Leon Panetta LIED!

2016 - Benghazi Blackmail via Clinton received plan to secretly galvanize Palestinian protests

2016 - Climate Alarmists Invent New Excuse: The Satellites Are Lying

2016 - Former Libyan official: ISIS got Qaddafi's chemical weapons sarin mustard

2016 - Judicial Watch: State Department Finds New Records in Clinton FOIA Litigation

2016 -State Department covered up Hillary's private email server for years even though 'dozens ...

2016: German Officials ORDERED Security Video of Cologne Attacks BE DELETED

2017 - Leaked Audio of Secretary Kerry Reveals President Obama Intentionally Allowed Rise of ISIS…

2018-FBI Raid Thomas Paine’s House, Point Guns At His Young Children; How an Award-Winning Reporter

500 Tons: U.S. Announces It Intends to Move Tons of Uranium From Baghdad -> 2004

57 Islamic nations back new Iraqi governmentConference endorsement good news for U.S.

70% of software applications used in India are pirated

9-11 'hijacker' told all in 2000, FBI didn't believe him

9/11 report: Flight 93 crashed as passengers stormed cockpit

911 Terrorist (Abu Nidal) Trained by Saddam (per new Iraqi PM Allawi)

A black democracy is thriving in South Africa

A Different Kind of Muslim

A New Protocol for Anonymous Web Use

A Strategy's Cautious Evolution (Bush worked on plan to eradicate Al Qaeda pre-9-11)

A Tiny Mathematical Proof Against Evolution [AKA - Million Monkeys Can't Type Shakespeare]

ACLU Dismisses Second Amendment

Al Qaeda Iraq Connection

Alabama A.G. Announces Gun Reciprocity Agreements Effective August 1

Alien Crackdown terrifies Southern California immigrant communities

American Hyper-Power

AP: FBI Illegally Seized Ramzi Yousef Documents From OKC Reporter's Mail

Are political polls accurate? CA recall study of 20 polls says...NEVER TRUST POLLS AGAIN!

Ashcroft-Reno Anti-Terror Act: Three cheers for the Patriot Act

At 97, last known Civil War widow is living link to history

ATM machines infected with worm [Diebold ATMs (gasp!) running Windows XP (Horror!)]

Atmospheric CO2 Leads To Increased Soil Fertility

Baby Bells may have bilked consumers out of billions by inflating costs

Beginning of the end of Java [vs ms .net] as we know it?

Beijing faces huge deficit but forced to spend (China)

Berlusconi slaps down France over Israel trip [tell's France to "shut up" about his ME policy]

Beyond the Pale (NYT goes after Bill Pryor) Omits Pryor's SCOTUS Victories

Big Myth About U.S. Manufacturing (Gloom and Doomers Beware!)

Bill Clinton on Bush uranium line: 'Everybody makes mistakes. Time to move on'

Biodiesel Production from Algae

Black September (an overview of past palestinian terrorism)

Book: Carter, Democrats Asked Soviets to Stop Reagan, Sway U.S. Elections.

Britain, Australia top U.S. in violent crime

Bungling Arab brethren share blame for plight of Palestinians: 53 yrs ago, Palestinians had a State

Bush acheives peace through strength (nuclear treaty)

Bush admin clears way for more coalbed methane projects

Bush Administration Limits Federal Control of Wetlands

Bush Administration puts 850,000 Federal jobs up for private sector bids


Bush Cuts Pay Raises for Federal Workers, Citing National Emergency


Bush got nearly everything he wanted with 2004 budget

Bush project could end closed-door government

Bush rules out 'blanket amnesty'

Bush Signs Bill Creating Largest Public Shooting Range

Bush signs bill for online government info

Bush's pragmatic step-by-step guide to Space

Bush's Pro-Life Record as of May 18, 2004, by Fr. Peter West

Bush's Science Aide Rejects Claims of Distorted Facts

Bush's Vouchers Making A Comeback (With Ted Kennedy's Help)

Bush's wins, losses [including demonRAT obstructions] and things yet to do

Bush's _Union Dues_ Executive Order - Beck -

Bush-Whackers Are Wrong Again

California company will try launching tiny satellites with balloons

California PUC panel REJECTS new power line

Canada: Liberals bring back health premium; taxpayers pay between $300 and $900 a year

Capital Hill Blue - Conned big time "White House Lying about Intel" story found to be FRAUD

Case Against Scientifically Honest Bjorn Lomborg Dismissed

CASE CLOSED (Osama-Saddam Link Proved in Intel Cmte Brief)

CASTRO AND TERRORISM A CHRONOLOGY 1959-1967 (revised 1959-2001)

Chimps are not like humans - much greater genetic differences than expected

China's Linux Plans Taking Shape

China's top banks may get $70b bail-out

Chirac's War for Oil

ChoiceMail - Spam killer.

Clearing the Air - President Bush's Environmental Record - 2004


Colin Powell: 45 Nations Back the United States in Supporting Iraq War

Companies Finding Some Computer Jobs Best Done in U.S.

Congressman Blames Jews for 'This War With Iraq'

Conservative Principles Inherent in the Medicare Reform Legislation

Crime Rises In England

Cuba Sees Victory in U.N. Panel's Vote

Cuban War Crimes Against American POWs During the Vietnam War*

Cubans Stunned As Dollar-Only Stores Are Closed

Cyanide Salt Block Found in Iraq

Dean's Yale Transcripts Are Released [Marxism on Park Avenue]

December 17, 1903 - The Day Man First Flew

Dem, Leahy Double standard for Clinton's Marsha Berzon [9th Circuit] and Miguel Estrada.

Democrats Are Fined $243,000 for Fund-Raising Violations (People's Republic of China and Clinton)

Democrats are skewing federal jobless and economic figures

Democrats launch bid to close $173m funds gap (biggest financial disadvantage in history)

Democrats, Bureaucrats, Unions Fight Bush's Competitive Sourcing Plan

Denmark's Ministry of Truth - Lomberg Defended Against Leftist Lies

Deutsche Bank MBS traders mispricing leads to $30 million loss.

Dirty Air – or Dirty Tricks?

Do-it-yourself biowarfare defense


Earth Liberation Army Claims Responsibility For SUV Firebombing

Edward Teller ``Father of the H-Bomb'' dies at age 95

Egyptian gets $27 million for (KSM) Mohammed's arrest tip

Embedded Patsies: Suddenly Leftist media doesn't want journalists to get close to their subjects

End of French-Dominated Europe in Sight?

Energy emissions far greater than predicted by Planck’s Law

England has worst crime rate in world

England: - Crime figures show violence soaring

Enron-gate: Democrats and Harvard - Rubin

Enviromental Activists Brought Back Malaria

Environmentalism is really Urban Atheism - Crichton

EPA Held in Contempt Over Document Destruction

Espionage: Sex, Spies & ‘Parlor Maid’ [Democratic Party Fundraising Scandal]

Europe follows Bush

Europe slips on greenhouse targets...for 2nd year in a row

Europe's ISPs Overrun with Website Take-Down Orders (Hate Speech Now are we next?)

Europe's Utopian Hangover (Or How France Lost 14,000+ To A Heatwave)

European Parliament "disappeared" Billions of Euros

European Shopping Regulations/Restrictions

Evidence of Genetic Code Skipping -- Dog DNA reveals man's link with best friend

Evolution Encoded (Scientific American March 2004 - Programming and Data in our DNA)

Extortion threat to patients' records: Clients not informed of India staff's breach

FDA OKs Lotion to Fight Chemical Attack

Federal electric price limits backfire

Feds help fund radical green activists

Feds seek to oust gold miner

FERC orders California to refund $270 million to Enron, others

Find raises doubts on key theory of human evolution [Out of China theory smashes Out of Africa theo]

First airline pilots trained to carry guns in cockpit graduate Saturday

For a nonpolicy, it sure did work - Bush vs Palestinian Terror

France writes itself off as arrogant failure: New books see a country in decline

France: No proof Hamas and Islamic Jihad are terror groups

Freeh: I Turned to Bush After Clinton Blocked Khobar Terror Probe

Frist to appoint GOP chairmen, flap settled or not

Geldof back in Ethiopia (praises Our President...slams Clinton and the EU)!

George W. Bush--The First 30 Months

Georgia gunrunning case shows why gun owners resist more laws

German paper (FAS): Berlin Planned to Isolate America in the Security Council

Germany reveals 2004 budget,EU and ECB hates it, social programs cuts.

Germany's "Peace" Movement Actively and Openly Supporting Iraqi Terrorism

God Made Me Black, Ronald Reagan Made Me A Conservative (Must Read!)

Greenpeace backs Mugabe

Group-rape of girl - cover up attempt uncovered in Holland

Guardian Fully Retracts BOTH Powell/Straw Story AND Wolfowitz "It's All About Oil" Story

Guardsman Says Bush Served in Ala. ("I saw him each drill period..."

gun law failure in Australia: 'robbery with firearm' up 34%

Gunships attack on first day of disarmament in Sierra Leone(UN Disarmed &THEN THEY WERE ATTACKED)

GWB Signs Bill Permitting Federal Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

GWB's 2003 Budget Based On Performance

Hard Evidence Links Saddam Hussein's Iraq to 9/11 - Game. Set. Match.

Harsh Truth About Outsourcing and Capitalism

Here to Stay: We're here, we're mildly and tolerantly homophobic, get used to it!

Hillary Clinton stands up for Tatas, outsourcing

Hillary's First Job was with a Commie Law Firm!

Hispanics pass Blacks as largest U.S. minority group

HISTORIANS DENY THE PAST (Venona files prove McCarthy, Nixon right about Soviet spies)

Hitpiece on Sessions by Wildman at NR

Honoring a Fallen Hero - Johnny Micheal Spann

How a Republican Desegregated the South's Schools

How do the BBC claims stand up to what we know now? (Independent rips apart BBC and Gilligan.)

How Europe's ArmiesLet Their Guard Down

How Much Is China Cooking Its Numbers?

How Texas Saved the French Wine Industry

IN HONOR OF STAND WATIE: The Cherokee Nation's Declaration of Independence

India: India’s Patents Bill, 2005 - Is It TRIPS Compliant? (India effectively kills patent laws)

Inquiry Ordered Into Reports of Prisoner Abuse [January 17, 2004 NYT Article]

Intelligent Design and Peer Review

Internet Archive Engine

Iraq Governing Council Disbands; Coalition Provisional Authority Still in Power For 30 Days

Iraqi Army’s Defenses Seem Impenetrable (Fisk Alert)

Iraqi General (Abdul-Latif) Urges Support of U.S. Troops

Iraqi Homecoming (exiles return to a 'happy, free Iraq')


It's Amazing What One has to Believe to Believe in Gun Cuntrol - Newly Updated

Japan casts aside Kyoto agreement: report

Japan, China, SKorea to jointly develop Windows replacement

Jimmy Carter Unmasked--Finally! - From KGB Ties To His Rigged Nobel Peace Prize

Joe McCarthy Vindicated, Again

Judge voids Idiotic lawsuit targeting Bush's war authority

Just heard tapes from Flight 93

Justice Thomas on Elk Grove v Newdow

Kennedy Denied Petition Against Pryor Judgeship (Senator Oldsmobile... DENIED! MWAH-Ha-Ha!)

Kerry’s Big Time Lie(Says he’s against gay marriage, with 100% rating by homosexual activist groups)

KGB's Man (Arafat)

Kosovo genicode lies revealed -- USA Today Found Hoax Before Writer Confessed

Krauthammer "Democratic Realism"- Unipolar American Power and Our Future

Kyoto critics better duck

Last widow of Civil War Vet dies

Left Wing Greek Terrorists Captured

Let the Sunshine In [John Lott debunks DNC's Fla. election 2000 lies ~ again]

LIBERAL MEDIA LIED FOR HILLARY: Gallup Clearly Said "No Consensus on Most Admired Woman"

Liberals running out of poor people

Libya's WMD Agreement

Listening to the Times? NY Times opposed flood-control projects in New Orleans in 1993, 1997, & 2005

Live on H&C: Well, I guess I held my own (mhking on FNC last night)

London Gun Crime Up 90%

Loopholes blamed for gun crime rise (gun crime doubles in the gun-free utopia of Australia)


Memos of special interest on Hill - 2003

Microsoft signs source code browsing agreement with China

Military Surplus Demilitarization Bill is DEAD

MissAmericanPie Gets Busted Fabricating Tales About The Patriot Act eliminating Warrants

Missile Defense Milestone 3-23-2004

Missing 2002 Surveys Bode Ill for 2004 Democrats [51% Repub - 46% Dem nationally]

Mrs. CHIEF Negotiator Tells It Like It Is

Mugging in Reuterville (Reuters caught lying -- again)

Multiple Tests Confirming Iraq WMD Send Media Into Deep Spin

Muslim cleric calls for death of Arafat

My Liberian Connection (The Awful Truth about Africa)

Myth of Poverty in U.S.

Nearly 4 years after Columbine, why does media hide the killers' anti-Christian bias?

Nine dead so far as feud flares, putting bystanders in line of fire (“gun-free” Sydney shootouts)

NNSA Dismantles Last Nuclear Artillery Shell; Battefield Weapons Were Retired by George H.W. Bush

Nobel Prize Design in DNA I

Nobel Prize Design in DNA II

Nobel Prize Design in DNA IV

Novak Exception - Journalists abandon their principles in the Plame kerfuffle.

NPR Awakens to Bellisiles' Anti-Gun Lies

Nuremburg Papers Reveal NAZI Plans To End Christianity

NY Times Bias In Polls and Headlines

odd and troubling origins of today’s anti-war movement


Old And In The Way (Decline and Fall of Europe)

One cause of the [California] energy crisis is finally corrected

Open Source Windows 95 - OS/2

Our Power To Change The World

Oxford Professor (Farley) who Blasts America/Alabama as Racist Responds to my Email

Panel faults USA Today editors in fraudulent reporting scandal; Kelley issues apology

Paris court blocks book exposing corruption (French establishment one of Europe's most rotten)

Patriot and Pirate: Confederate Ship Captain Panicked West Coast

Phony phone call dupes Castro, sparks anti-gay tirade

Pilots' Union Offers Mineta Help Arming Pilots

Poverty, American Style: Cars, TVs, Three-Bedroom Homes

President Bush's Grand Strategy Of Transformation

Pro-Life Group Obtains Internal Documents Showing International Pro-Abortion anti-sovereigntStrategy

Pro-Life women shift to majority

Probing smoke,ignoring fire:a closer look at what leaked memos really reveal (memogate!)

Prosecutor drops charges in shooting of 4 officers

Protesters splash blood on American flag

PTL Victims to Receive $6.54 Each [Lawyers take $2.5 million of $3.7 million settlement]

R Offshore Software Developers "Laundering" Stolen Software?

Radioactive Patients Set Off Subway Alarms

Raise the Alabama

Re-alignment: The Emerging Republican Majority

Reagan Wanted Marijuana Legalized

REBEL EVOLUTION (advance copy) Thought-provoking new film by AnnaZ w/ Brandon Darby, BILL AYERS (!)

Rebuilding East Germany "has failed"

Red Hat to drop free Linux OS in favor of Enterprise

Remaining Libyan Nuclear Weapons docked at North Carolina Port

Reporter arrested following trail of corruption in EU

Rockefeller angers Daschle, Howard Dean Staff stunned at Clinton.


Russia warns it could kill off Kyoto Protocol, Too

Rutan's Private Rocket Reaches Edge of Space (XPRIZE)

Saddam Knew 9/11 Was Coming and Colluded with OBL for a Decade

Saddam's Forgotten WMD Confession

Sarin? What Sarin?(Safire)

Satellite Pictures Reveal One Million Tonne Gold Mine In Chile

Schools risk U.S. funds if ** Prayer ** isn't tolerated (States must Certify by March 15th '03)

Scientists develop darkest substance on earth

Scientists warn of 'global catastrophe' (Extensive coal fires burning underground )

Second Consecutive Civics Study (2007) Still Shows American College Students Failing Civic Literacy

Secrecy Surrounds Cheney's Submarine Trip - Vice President Visits Brevard County

Sen. Murray (D)WA Asks Kids "If he's (Bin Ladin) so bad why is he so well liked"

Senate approves voter registration at Hunting License sites

Senate Closes Accidental Anonymizer (Open Proxy Server at!)

SF Chronicle Bashes Mugabe and Global Guilt For Africa

Shamnesty International

Shock and awe at outcome of recall election (Bay Area Residents Baffled, Embarrassed)

Shocking Silence from the Left on pro-Democracy Iranians

Southack's Updated GWB Accomplishment List [thanks wolfstar]

Sowell: Media Fraud

Spaceship One Launch [Reaches Space - 330k feet] 6-21-2004

speed of gravity measurement alleged

Standing Tall: Statues honoring Alabama in D.C.

Structural Failures of Windows

Student Scores Lower for States That Spent the Most

Study finds 'forgotten' high-court SCOTUS "individual rights" gun cases

Stupid white man goes gunning for America - by ANDREW SULLIVAN

Suspected 'Sasser' creator arrested in Germany

Swedes are less well-off than the poorest Americans

Terahertz camera

Texas - giant legal reform

Texas A&M Agriculturalists Set Framework To Safeguard Food Supply

Texas Concealed Handgun Carriers: Law-abiding Public Benefactors

The Democrats stole two Senate seats--and still it wasn't enough ~ WSJ.

The Effects of Australia's Gun Ban on Crime (synopsis)

The inner Einstein

The Left's Lexicon

The Men Who Won The War (Excellent!)

THE RAPE OF A NATION- [Rape is becoming South Africa's "national sport"]

The Times Not A-Changin': How Bill Clinton got control of The New York Times' political coverage

Theorist: Darwin Had it Wrong

Things The Media Doesn't Want You To Know

THREE OCCUPATIONS: There Ain't No "Model," and None are Without Problems

Tribune Company (LA Times parent) Admits Inflated Circulation Numbers At Two Papers

Two trillion dollar arrest (U.S. bonds - Hong Kong) 3/2/03

U.S. After Action Report from IRAQ (unit level)

U.S. Air Force: Israel has 400 nukes, building naval force

U.S. terrorist hunters and their 9/11 prey

U.S. threatens to sue California for illegally using gun database

UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after: UN ADMITS WMD WERE THERE

UN Violates US Law; Pushes Global Tax Schemes


Unraveling of liberal [Tort] financing: "Miracle in Mississippi"

Urban-renewal 'millions' yield little - ( or nothing )

US has the handle on Pak nukes: NBC (US takes control of Pakistani nukes)

Velocity of money

Vice President remarks at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council

Voters, not courts, should decide the fate of homosexual marriages

What Does The Democratic Party Stand For?

When the right was right (Buchanan on Senator Joseph McCarthy)

Whistleblower in Senate Memo Gate Scandal Resigns, Memo Contents Still Unpublished

White Slavery In Middle-East 1500 - 1780

Why the U.S. Will Always Be Rich

Wild-eyed Claims of Soup Kitchens by AntiScumbag - No More Mr. Magoo? (Paul O'Neill kills 30 yr Long Bond)

XP passwords rendered useless (locally)

YEARENDER: In France, 2001 was a year of fear (French crime rate has passed US)

Zimbabwe -- Grain Marketing Board suspends grain imports

Zogby says, "We blew it." (Why some pollsters got it so wrong)

[New York] Times Games: The newspaper of record withholds Iraq/Qaeda connection evidence.