Soul of the South
Since Nov 4, 2006

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Retired corporate executive and business leader with extensive experience leading organizations from turnaround to rapid, profitable growth. After 30 years managing US and overseas manufacturing organizations. I’ve come to conclusion the deindustrialization of the US as a result of the “free trade” movement of the 1990’s and 2000’s has been an economic and national security disaster for the United States and is contributing significantly to the rapid decline of the nation.

I do not see a home for lovers of the Constitution and personal liberty within the current two party system. The modern Democrat and Republican parties are fully committed to the socialist welfare state and big company crony capitalism. They differ only in language and tactics as they incessantly grow the power, size, and tyranny of big government.

I fear we are at the tipping point where the non-producers, united with the leftist ruling class, have the voting scale to snuff out the shrinking middle class to create a bipolar society where the masses are equal in miserable bondage to a state ruled over by small group of wealthy self selected elites. This has been the condition of mankind through most of human history. Everyday I see America becoming more like the third world hell holes I visited frequently during my business career.

The country needs a fearless, charismatic, visionary conservative leader who isn’t cowed by political correctness, who can communicate with clarity and authority, and whose personal life exemplifies the values treasured by those who share the vision of the founders. As we saw in the 2012 primaries, that person does not currently exist. Instead we have the egos and the technocrats, the shallow minded and the weak of spirit. Not one of our leading politicians today has 1/10 of the courage of the most timid founding father. We live not in the age of reason, we live in the age of the self indulgent.