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Notes on the Social Media Anti-Censorship Act (SMACA)

Some Alternative-Media Bookmarks

Notes on the Social Media Anti-Censorship Act (SMACA)

by snarkpup
August 19, 2018
updated November 9, 2018


SMACA (Social Media Anti-Censorship Act) is legislation being proposed by attorney Josh Smith, which addresses the problem of Big-Tech social media censorship.

This censorship is being driven by

Those who are being impacted by this censorship are generally people who are to the right of Establishment Republicans, and their equivalents in other countries.

A summary of SMACA can be read here:

In the following video (on Luke Ford's YouTube channel), Josh Smith goes through all the points in the summary just mentioned, and provides details and rationale:

Most who are interested in this only need to watch the first hour. After the first hour, increasingly esoteric details and "what-if"s are discussed with other guests, including Frame Game. Josh mentions that he and Frame Game are among the few people who both 1) understand the details of the problem and 2) know how to word the legalese of an act to fix it and how this legislation will interact with and build upon existing law. [Nearly all of the people posting about social media censorship, here on FR and elsewhere, have no relevant legal knowledge and have not done any homework on the issue.]

What follows are notes that I wrote down while watching this talk. These are a mixture of quotes from the talk and my paraphrases.


The big social media are natural monopolies, partly because of network effects—i.e., everyone is on an extremely small number of social media because that's where everyone else is. The public wants a central "public square" where they can communicate with and reach out to anyone. Potential competitors are doomed to being specialized "echo chambers".

These companies spend tens of millions of $$ on the personnel and software needed to do censorship. (In some cases, this puts them below the level of profitability.) The funders of these companies are willing to take these losses in order to be able to engage in Soviet-style speech control. A "free market" can't work if you have a monopoly that doesn't care how much money it loses to maintain their monopoly.

SMACA establishes statutory speech rights.

Spam can also be prohibited. (Spammers are generally not the kind of people who complain if they are censored. They don't want to admit they are responsible.)

Small platforms (like Free Republic) would be exempt.

Big platforms that censor and small platforms that do not make no sense; but the reverse does makes sense. Big platforms (that people depend on for modern life) should be open; small platforms are typically for specialized audiences and should be allowed to moderate discussions.

Companies are already immunized if they err on the side of not censoring.

Companies can currently over-censor because they are protected by a past "legislative gift"—a quirk in the Communications Decency Act. SMACA takes back part of this gift.

Since all the large social media are Leftist-managed and control a huge fraction of modern human communication, the emerging censorship is an existential threat to the Right Wing. Social media are the only significant way the Right can communicate. The Left controls everything else (MSM).

There are problems applying antitrust legislation. Litigation takes many, many years and results in only trivial remedies. Meanwhile, we're getting killed. Anything that gets to SCOTUS level would take at least five years, during which time we die. Breaking up big companies who censor us into small companies that also censor us accomplishes nothing; and breaking them up would destroy the network-effect economies of scale that benefit the public (the central public square).

Josh discusses reasons why nationalization would be 1) wrong, 2) impossible and 3) take a decade even to attempt.

Frame Game joins in at the one hour point. He says that if Alex Jones' deplatforming was Pearl Harbor, Trump's tweet was the Awakening of the Sleeping Giant; and Trump's lieutenants are now taking notice.

This current proposal only covers social media—not other platforms like PayPal, banking, etc. Legislation for these other things will come next, and needs different kinds of legislative fixes (e.g., extend the Civil Rights Act to cover political orientation and affiliation as "protected," like race and religion). Social media is the top priority. Doing everything at once would be biting off more than can be chewed and possibly introduce additional controversial things that could sink everything while trying to get this through Congress. SMACA by itself will cripple Far-Left Authoritarians' ability to do the social media censorship that is killing us now. The Left can make heavy use of the Civil Rights Act because many of them are members of "affected classes". The Right can't do this now. Making political orientation an affected class would fix this.

Frame Game wants sane people on the Left to support this because they might be affected by censorship as well ("Big Tent Coalition").

Some Alternative-Media Bookmarks

Being a list of vloggers and podcasters
who are making the mainstream media and talk radio obsolete
and who are most interesting

Compiled by snarkpup
Edited December 9, 2018
(See explanatory notes at the end)
Name Video/Audio Twitter/Gab Notes
The Alternative Hypothesis The Alternative Hypothesis (YT)
The Alt Hype (BC)
@thealternativehypothesis (Gab) Ryan Faulk
American Renaissance American Renaissance (YT)
AR Podcasts (audio)
@AmRenaissance (Gab)  
Angry Foreigner Angry Foreigner @ArgBlatteTalar  
Barbara Horvat Barbara4u2c (YT)
Barbara4u2c Alter ego (YT)
Barbara4u2c (BC)
Based Amy Based Amy (YT)
Based Amy (PS)
Black Pidgeon Speaks Black Pidgeon Speaks (YT)
Black Pidgeon Speaks (BC)
@navyhato (Tw)
@blackpigeon (Gab)
Blonde Blonde in the Belly of the Beast (YT)
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast (BC)
Beauty & the Beta
@Blonde_Beast (Gab)  
Boer Republic Boer Republic (YT)
BoerRepublic (BC)
Boer Republic (St)
@BoerRepublic (Tw)
@BoerRepublic (Gab)
South Africa
Brittany Pettibone Brittany Pettibone @BrittPettibone  
Buska in the Park Buska in the Park   UK live events
Caolan Robertson Caolan Robertson @CaolanRob  
Carolyn Emerick Carolyn Emerick (YT)
Carolyn Emerick (BC)
Volklore Podcast
@VolkishFolklore (Tw)
@CarolynEmerick (Gab)
Chris Dangerfield Dangerfield (YT)
Dangerfield (BC)
Coach Red Pill Coach Red Pill (YT)
CRP Streams/Backup (YT)
Coach Red Pill (BC)
Coach & Benway Podcast (SC)
Computing Forever Computing Forever (YT)
Computing Forever (BC)
@DaveCullen (Gab) Dave Cullen
Conscious Caracal Conscious Caracal (YT)
Conscious Caracal (BC)
@ConCaracal (Tw)
@ConsciousCaracal (Gab)
South Africa
Content Over Everything Content Over Everything @ContentOverEver Speakers Corner
Count Dankula Count Dankula @CountDankulaTV  
Counter-Currents CounterCurrentsTV @NewRightAmerica (Tw)
@Counter-Currents (Gab)
Dan Bongino Dan Bongino @dbongino  
Dave Cullen
(see Computing Forever)
Dave Martel Dave Martel @BigDaveMartel  
Defend Evropa TV DETV—Radio Europa @DefendEvropa (Tw)
@DefendEvropa (Gab)
Dionne Secret Sources Illustrations (YT) @dionne4210  
Erkenbrand Kanaal Erkenbrand Kanaal @Erkenbrand_NL some in English
Europe Is Falling Europe Is Falling (YT)
Europe Is Falling (BC)
@europeisfalling (Tw)
Faith J. Goldy Faith J Goldy @FaithGoldy  
Frame Game Frame Game Radio @FrameGames (Tw)
@FrameGames (Gab)
Gad Saad Gad Saad @GadSaad  
Generation Identity UK & Ireland Generation Identity UK & Ireland @GID_UKIRE (Tw)
@Generation_Identity (Gab)
The Golden One The Golden One @TheGloriousLion Marcus Follin
The Great Order The Great Order (YT)
The Great Order (BC)
@thegreatorderis (Tw)
@thegreatorder (Gab)
Jared George
H. A. Goodman H. A. Goodman (YT)
H. A. Goodman (BC)
Hard Bastard Hard Bastard
Hard News Network
Henrik Jönsson Henrik Jönsson @jonsson_henrik  
James Allsup James Allsup @amfirstmedia  
Jared George
(see The Great Order)
Jean-Francois Gariépy ("JF") Jean-Francois Gariépy
JFG Livestreams
@JFGariepy (Tw)
@JFGariepy (Gab)
Jesse Lee Peterson Jesse Lee Peterson (YT)
Jesse Lee Peterson (BC)
Jesse Lee Peterson (St)
@jlptalk (Tw)
@jesseleepeterson (Gab)
Jim1a2a Jim1a2a    
John Derbyshire Radio Derb (audio) @DissidentRight blog, archives
Laura Towler Laura Towler (YT)
Laura Towler (BC)
@thisislaurat (Gab) Defend Europa TV
Lauren Southern Lauren Southern (YT)
Lauren Southern (BC)
Libertas Metapolitics Libertas Metapolitics @LibertasLives  
Madot Media Madot Media (YT)
Madotmedia (BC)
@madotmedia (Tw)
@madotmedia (Gab)
Marcus Follin
(see The Golden One)
Martin Sellner Martin Sellner GI @Martin_Sellner  
Matt Christiansen Matt Christiansen (YT)
Matt Christiansen (BC)
Beauty & the Beta (YT)
@MLChristiansen (Tw)
@MLChristiansen (Gab)
Millennial Woes Millennial Woes (YT)
MW Live (YT)
Millennial Woes (BC)
@MillennialWoes (Tw)
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Milo Yiannopoulos Milo
Morgoth Morgoth's Review @MorgothReview (Gab)  
Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch (YT)
Murdoch Murdoch 2 (YT) (archive)
Murdoch Murdoch (BC)
@MurdochMurdoch (Gab)  
Nick Monroe nickmon1112 @nickmon1112 (Tw)
@nickmon1112 (Gab)
Nicolas J. Fuentes America First with Nicolas J. Fuentes @NickJFuentes (Tw)
@NickJFuentes (Gab)
Nordiskwizard Nordiskwizard    
Orwell & Goode Orwell Goode (YT)
OrwellNGoode's Channel (Sme)
@OrwellNGoode (Tw)
@OrwellGoode (Gab)
Owen Benjamin Owen Benjamin (YT)
Owen Benjamin (BC)
@OwenComedy (Tw)
@unBEARables (Gab)
Parse the Noise Parse the Noise (YT)
Parse the Noise (BC)
Pat Condell Pat Condell @patcondell (Tw)
@patcondell (Gab)
Paul Ramsey
(see Ramzpaul)
Project Veritas Veritas Visuals @Project_Veritas
Raheem Kassam Raheem Kassam @RaheemKassam (Tw)
@Raheem (Gab)
Raj Raj Speakers Corner (YT)
Raj Speakers Corner livechat (YT)
Ramzpaul ramzpaul @ramzpaul (Tw)
@ramzpaul (Gab)
Paul Ramsey
RazörFist The Rageaholic (YT)
RazörFist (BC)
Red Elephants The Red Elephants (YT)
The Red Elephants Live Streams (YT)
The Red Elephants (BC)
@RealVinceJames (Tw)
@RealRedElephants (Gab)
Vince James
Red Ice TV Red Ice TV (YT)
Red Ice TV (BC)
Red Ice TV (St)
@redicetv (Tw)
@HenrikPalmgren (Gab)
@LanaLokteff (Gab)
Renaissance Horizon Renaissance Horizon (YT)
Renaissance Horizon (BC)
Reverend Simon Sideways Reverend Simon Sideways (Pub Friendly) (YT)
Reverend Simon Sideways (Family Friendly) (YT)
Reverend Simon Sideways (BC)
@Revsimonsideway (Tw)
@reverendsimonsideways (Gab)
Simon Evans
Ryan Dawson Ryan Dawson @RyLiberty  
Ryan Faulk
(see The Alternative Hypothesis)
Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays (PS) @ScottAdamsSays  
Simon Evans
(see Reverend Simon Sideways)
State of Nation StateofNation   Europe
Stefan Molyneaux Stefan Molyneux (YT)
Stefan Molyneaux (BC)
@StefanMolyneux (Tw)
@stefanmolyneux (Gab)
Steve Steve Speakers Corner @SteveRightNLeft  
Steven Crowder Louder with Crowder @scrowder  
Styxhexenhammer666 Styxhexenhammer666 (YT)
Styxhexenhammer666 (BC)
Styxhexenhammer666 (St)
Styxhexenhammer666 (DM)
@Styx666Official (Tw)
@Styx666Official (Gab)
Tarl Warwick
Survive the Jive Survive the Jive @SurvivetheJive Thomas Rowsell
Tarl Warwick
(see Styxhexenhammer666)
Thomas Rowsell
(see Survive the Jive)
Thulean Perspective ThuleanPerspective (YT)
ThuleanPerspective (BC)
  Varg Vikernes
Tiina Wiik Swan of Tuonela (YT)
Tuonen Joutsen (YT)
Tommy Robinson Tommy Robinson    
Tree Tree of Logic
The Treehouse News
Varg Vikernes
(see Thulean Perspective)
Vihapuhe FM Vihapuhe FM @SwanOfTuonela some in English
Vince James
(see Red Elephants)
Vlad Tepes Vlad Tepes    
Voice of Europe Voice of Europe @V_of_Europe (Tw)
@Voice_of_Europe (Gab)
Vox Day Vox Day (YT)
Darkstream by Vox Day (BC)
Willem Petzer Willem Petzer @willempet (Tw)
@WillemPetzer (Gab)
South Africa
Winston Smith Winston Smith's Taxi (YT)
The Gist Will Do (YT)
Winstonsmithstaxi (BC)
Zuzanna Wioletta Mroz Zuzanna W. Mroz
Project 1984

These are links to the internet video or audio channels of some "alt-media" political commentators and news sources I find useful. Links to their Twitter and/or Gab accounts are also provided, which are good for getting announcements when they post new material.

The personalities I have selected for inclusion here generally oppose crap like socialism, open borders (population replacement), Islamic jihad and censorship. There is currently no agreed-upon term for this family of political orientations.

These people are, of course, opposed by the socialists, globalists, Islamists and thought police who control (or at least influence) the "big-tech" social media sites. As a result, many of them have been banned or supressed on "public square" sites like YouTube and Twitter. As shown in the list above, many of them have backups on free-speech "alt-tech" social media sites. People are being censored almost daily; and I will try to keep references to these alternative sites up-to-date. A few of the YouTube and Twitter links shown here are known be broken due to censorship; but I'll keep them in the table anyway in case the suspensions are temporary.

Although most of the personalities I have listed here are on the same page w.r.t. some big issues, they occupy a multidimensional spectrum of subfactions; and occasional infighting can be seen.

Commentators who are perfectly fine but simply repeat what is already in the headlines and state their opinions—with no new details, insights, or entertainment value—will generally be omitted here for brevity. Others who have been omitted include 1) cuckservatives who have sold out their countries and countrymen, 2) any who are notorious for being embarrassments to their own cause, 3) those whose material is widely available in the mainstream and aren't considered "alt-media", and 4) those who seem to be famous for being famous. However, there are many excellent commentators and sources out there that are not on the list because either I haven't gotten around to them or I haven't found them yet.

A few of these channels are not being actively updated by their owners; but they have been included because their material has reference value.

Some media are not covered in this listing either because 1) I haven't gotten around to dealing with them (e.g., Facebook), 2) I consider them unsafe (e.g., Facebook), or 3) their censorship is out-of-control (e.g., Facebook).

More notes: