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Some Alternative-Media Bookmarks

Edited August 17, 2018
(See explanatory notes at the end)

Name Video/Audio Twitter/Gab Notes
Ábel Bódi Abel Bodi @abel_bodi Hungary
Andi Warski Andiwarski    
Baked Alaska Baked Alaska    
Barbara Horvat Barbara4u2c (YT)
Barbara4u2c (BC)
Black Pidgeon Speaks Black Pidgeon Speaks (YT)
Black Pidgeon Speaks (BC)
@navyhato (Tw)
@blackpigeon (Gab)
Blonde Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
Beauty & the Beta
@Blonde_Beast (Gab)  
Brittany Pettibone Brittany Pettibone @BrittPettibone  
Caolan Robertson Caolan Robertson @CaolanRob  
Carolyn Emerick Carolyn Emerick (YT)
Carolyn Emerick (BC)
Volklore Podcast
@VolkishFolklore (Tw)
@CarolynEmerick (Gab)
Conscious Caracal Conscious Caracal (YT)
Conscious Caracal (BC)
@ConCaracal (Tw)
@ConsciousCaracal (Gab)
South Africa
Content Over Everything Content Over Everything @ContentOverEver Speakers Corner
Dan Bongino The Dan Bongino Show (SC) @dbongino
Dave Cullen Computing Forever (YT)
Computing Forever (BC)
@DaveCullen (Gab)  
Dave Martel Dave Martel @BigDaveMartel  
Defend Evropa TV DETV—Radio Europa @DefendEvropa (Tw)
@DefendEvropa (Gab)
Faith J. Goldy Faith J Goldy @FaithGoldy  
Frame Game Frame Game Radio @FrameGames (Tw)
@FrameGames (Gab)
Gad Saad Gad Saad @GadSaad  
Generation Identity UK & Ireland Generation Identity UK & Ireland @GID_UKIRE (Tw)
@Generation_Identity (Gab)
Halsey English Halsey Media @HalseyEnglish  
Hard Bastard Hard Bastard
Hard News Network
Henrik Jönsson Henrik Jönsson @jonsson_henrik  
Jean-Francois Gariépy ("JF") Jean-Francois Gariépy
JFG Livestreams
@JFGariepy (Tw)
@JFGariepy (Gab)
Joe Audritt OnlineWipe @JoeAudritt Speakers Corner
John Derbyshire Radio Derb (audio) @DissidentRight blog, archives
Lauren Southern Lauren Southern @Lauren_Southern  
Marcus Follin The Golden One @TheGloriousLion  
Martin Sellner Martin Sellner GI @Martin_Sellner  
Millennial Woes Millennial Woes
MW Live
@MillennialWoes (Tw)
@millennialwoes (Gab)
Milo Yiannopoulos Milo    
Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch (YT)
Murdoch Murdoch (BC)
@MurdochMurdoch (Gab)  
Nick Monroe nickmon1112 @nickmon1112 (Tw)
@nickmon1112 (Gab)
Nicolas J. Fuentes America First with Nicolas J. Fuentes @NickJFuentes (Tw)
@NickJFuentes (Gab)
Orwell & Goode Orwell Goode @OrwellNGoode (Tw)
@AlwaysLiberty (Gab)
Pat Condell Pat Condell @patcondell (Tw)
@patcondell (Gab)
Paul Ramsey ramzpaul @ramzpaul (Tw)
@ramzpaul (Gab)
Peter Imanuelsen Peter Sweden (YT)
Peter Sweden (PS)
@PeterSweden7 (Tw)
@petersweden (Gab)
Project Veritas Veritas Visuals @Project_Veritas  
Raheem Kassam Raheem Kassam @RaheemKassam (Tw)
@Raheem (Gab)
Raj Raj Speakers Corner Raj Speakers Corner  
RazörFist The Rageaholic (YT)
RazörFist (BC)
Reverend Simon Sideways Reverend Simon Sideways (YT)
Reverend Simon Sideways Family Friendly (YT)
Reverend Simon Sideways (BC)
@Revsimonsideway (Tw)
@reverendsimonsideways (Gab)
Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays (PS) @ScottAdamsSays  
Stefan Molyneaux Stefan Molyneux (YT)
Stefan Molyneaux (BC)
@StefanMolyneux (Tw)
@stefanmolyneux (Gab)
Steve Steve Speakers Corner @SteveRightNLeft  
Steven Crowder Louder with Crowder @scrowder  
Tan Prophet Tan of Speakers Corner @TanSpeakersCor
Tarl Warwick ("Styx") Styxhexenhammer666 (YT)
Styxhexenhammer666 (BC)
Styxhexenhammer666 (St)
Styxhexenhammer666 (DM)
@Styx666Official (Tw)
@Styx666Official (Gab)
Thomas Rowsell Survive the Jive @SurvivetheJive  
Tiina Wiik Swan of Tuonela @SwanOfTuonela  
Tom Dupré Tom Dupré @tomdupresh  
Tommy Robinson Tommy Robinson    
Tore Rasmussen Tore Rasmussen @ToreRasmussen (Tw)
@ToreR (Gab)
Vertigo Politix VertigoPolitix @VertigoPolitix  
Voice of Europe Voice of Europe @V_of_Europe (Tw)
@Voice_of_Europe (Gab)
Vox Day Vox Day
Willem Petzer Willem Petzer @willempet (Tw)
@WillemPetzer (Gab)
South Africa
Winston Smith Winston Smith's Taxi
The Gist Will Do
Winston Sterzel serpentza
Zuzanna Wioletta Mroz Zuzanna W. Mroz
Project 1984

These are links to the internet video or audio channels of some "alt-media" political commentators and news sources. Links to their Twitter and/or Gab accounts are also provided, which are good for getting announcements when they post new material.

The personalities I have selected for inclusion here generally oppose concepts like socialism, open borders and Islamic jihad. There is no agreed-upon term for this political orientation.

This movement is obviously opposed by socialist, globalist and Islamic governments, NGOs and corporations; and at their request, many of these commentators and news sources have been "deplatformed" on one or more of these social media sites. As shown in the list above, many of these people have backups on "alt-tech" sites. People are being censored almost daily; and I will try to keep references to these alternative sites up-to-date.

This movement contains a multidimensional spectrum of subfactions, most of which are covered here. Occasional infighting can be seen. Users of this list may be members of one of these subfactions and, of course, may find commentators here they do not like.

Commentators who simply repeat what is already in the headlines and state their opinions—with no new details, insights, or entertainment value—will generally be omitted here.

A few of these channels are not being actively updated by their owners; but they have been included because their material has reference value.

Some platforms are not covered in this listing either because 1) I haven't gotten around to dealing with them, 2) I consider them unsafe (e.g., Facebook), or 3) their censorship is out-of-control (e.g., Facebook).

More notes: