Since Oct 29, 2008

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I live in Texas but my heart and home are in the hills of Oklahoma. I am an engineer by trade, small business owner by necessity.

I’ve been all the way around the world more than a few times and worked in 32 countries. Travel is wonderful, it expands your thoughts and experiences. I still get itchy feet to hit the road again. The best part of going away though is coming home.

Good men I have met from all walks of life no matter where you go all want pretty much the same things. To live peacefully, to be accomplished at their work, to make a good life for their family and they believe in God or some higher being and that we did not get here by accident.

We come into this world naked, afraid and with nothing. We leave behind a short memory and a reputation. Our treasures on earth are just vapor; so says Solomon.

I claim to be an arch conservative but I have a little bit of libertarian streak in me. I leave other people alone and I expect them to do the same with me. I will be there in a minute to do all I can to help someone in need. I won’t start a fight and never have but I’ll do all I can to give much more than I get if anyone ever assails me and more than that if anyone ever lays a hand on one of my family.

I love this nation and the Constitution and the Ideals we once stood for but hate this government. What passes for campaign contributions here would be a criminal violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act if it were done over seas.

I weep for the sacrifices made by my Uncles for this bleeding and failing nation. An Uncle who began the early days of WWII in the SW Pacific after he left Indianola, Oklahoma to be a B-25 pilot and did not come home for years. Of course he was lucky so many did not come home at all of course. My Uncle who was a submariner after he left Holsom Bakery in the winter of ‘42. He survived the war and we did not know what he did until he died. Dad’s brother who went in a buck private in ‘39 and came out a buck private in ‘45. He didn’t like officers very well but he went all the way up the coast of New Guinea with MacArthur and then to the Philippines. My Uncle who flew B-25s and was called up for Korea to be a forward air controller who just happened to end up at Chosin Reservoir with my Marine Gunny Uncle. They both made it out. The one that was an officer on a DD, the one that was a B-36 crew chief, the two cousins in Vietnam. My Dad who joined the Navy at 17 and became a fighter pilot. And our Son who carries on the family tradition of service. For all the boys who have become men under hard conditions and are not whole now and those who have never come home.. I weep for all of them and for the disgrace that this nation has become in spite of their sacrifices.

I can’t sing “God Bless America” (Martina McBride does it best) without crying. I still shiver when I see THE flag ripple in the breeze. A fly over makes me grin from ear to ear ESPECIALLY when my Son is in the flight and EEEEESPECIALLY when he is piloting the lead aircraft!

I’ve told enough for now.