Since Jan 31, 2001

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I was a Democrat when I was young and stupid and knew NOTHING about politics. I started to get interested in the election of 1992 and could feel in my gut that Clinton was evil and immoral. I have never voted for Clinton nor any other Democrats since 92(to me now, they seem no different than Marxists....I am not THAT old but I am a lot smarter now!!!

I've lived in sunny California and now in Oregon--- land of the utterly irrational, except for a few small town people, who aren't glued into the propaganda machines and not a product of public "education".

My logic exists because I was a product of Common Sense parents and a Catholic school education which taught Parts of Speech, Latin, Socrates, Adam Smith, and John Locke. People and concepts, most young adults have never heard of after 12 years of indoctrination into Marxist ideology which erases history and knowledge.

Knowledge is Power. Marxists want "useful idiots". Lincoln and many geniuses had NO or very little "public school" indoctrination.