Since Oct 2, 2001

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7 reasons why we must vote Obama out of office:

1. In his 2nd term, the gloves will come off and Obama will truly become Obamugavez

2. In his 2nd term, given the opportunity, Obama will appoint Eric Holder to the Supreme Court

3. In his 2nd term, Obama will accelerate the process of marginalizing both the Supreme Court and Congress and concentrating all political power in America in the executive agencies, such as the EPA, which will increasingly subject Americans to Rule by Fiat, rather than Rule of Law.

4. In his 2nd term Obama will accelerate his tear-down of the American defense establishment and effectively remove America from the world stage (a promise he’s already basically made to the Russians)

5. In his 2nd term, Obama will sign a deal with the Arabs to sell Israel down the river

6. In his 2nd term, Obama will take the gloves off on Global Warming and basically shut down what’s left of the US economy in order to make the very worst of the EnviroNazis happy.

7. In his 2nd term, Obama will step up his active, covert support for street gangs, flash mobs and New Black Panther voter intimidation, with the goal of staging and inciting civil unrest and marginalizing any kind of spontaneous dissent.

8. In his 2nd term, Obama will accelerate the process of ceding US sovereignty to the UN on all matters, particularly those involving the environment, gun control and “victims rights” (aka anti-home-schooling).