Since Dec 21, 2008

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I was never really into politics. I fell for the scare tactics the MSM fed us about Ronald Reagan but before his first term was over, I was a fan. The night Obama won the election I was at work getting updates through text messaging and when it looked like Obama was going to win, I almost became physically ill and wanted to leave work. I have never felt sick like that because of a election before.

I was having a hard time feeling proud of my country that I no longer recognized. I felt embarrassed to be an American. I live in IL so there isn't much hope for my state but I plug away and vote hoping the people would regain the sanity they lost over the years.

I Served my country aboard the Destroyer USS Dupont. Good and bad memories. When I found out they scrapped her, I felt like I lost a friend.

USS Dupont DD941