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Update Aug 2014. I'm reading FR less and posting far less. Nothing against my FRiends, but I just have come to find it too depressing and nonproductive. So I'm focusing my time elsewhere. If you wish to contact me send an frmail and I'll respond eventually. FRegards RD
Surviving Socialism Pinglist
Stories and tips with a financial emphasis to help conservatives SURVIVE and prosper during difficult times.

To be added or taken off this list, please send a FR mail to RKBA Democrat. FAIR WARNING, I'm one of the worst pinglist administrators on FR. I ping infrequently then I ping a lot. I forget to add people to the list. I disappear for months at a time when I get fed up with politics. But I do try to make sure that the articles pinged are worthy of your time. If you have an article tip, please send me a FRmail. Search the keyword "survivingsocialism" to see previous articles and pings.

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