Since Oct 18, 2002

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I am a Christian Zionist and belong and contribute to most organizations that believe in the sanctity of Eretz Israel. I believe that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews and will be returned to them, in its entirety by the G-d of Jacob. Even though I am Christian, I do not believe that any land of Israel belongs to the Goyim, unless purchased from the rightful owners (the Jewish People who own it.) I have lived in Israel, visited many times, and have seen personally the destruction of homicide bombings, including the tradgedies of the families of the victims. I have excavated on 4 major Archaelogical Excavations as a project Geologist (including with and for Pesach Bar Adon in the Dead Sea and have consulted with Yigael Yadon.) I have studied the history of Israel, the Middle East and the relationships of the Jewish People and the true relationship of Christians and Jews for decades. I believe that Islam is a direct opposite of Christianity and Judaism and its ultimate purpose is to kill all of the Jews on a Saturday and all of the Christians on Sunday (as it is written.) I believe that Islam is an apostate religion that is ruled by Satan and is in opposition to the one true G-d. Palestine was invented in 1923 by the British and called by that name as a transliteration of the word "Palestina," which was a Roman name for the region around Ramalla (Shechem.) The Palestinians have absolutely no legitamate claim to the Land of Israel, and I do not believe that there will be Peace in Israel until all Palestinians leave the Land of Israel. I do not believe that the US, the UN, the Quartet, or any leftist Israelis (in other words, efforts by men) will solve the Arab Israeli conflict, but that the G-d of Jacob will return the land to the rightful owners (the Jews.) My Palestinian acquaintances refer to me as "mumser gadol", and I believe in dealing with them in that fashion (in other words, "fair and balanced," but with sure retribution.) I do believe in the ultimate judgement of all nations in accordance to their dealings with Israel, therefore I support Israel in every way that I can.