rhett october
Since Nov 16, 2016

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ResistanceFeed.com Just a man who wants good things for the United States and will go down fighting to stay free. I'm tired of the government running my life and thinking they are entitled to what I have earned. I'm tired of bank rolling the world. I'm brave enough to be free and expect that of others. I also like to play golf, spend time in the mountains and listen to music I enjoy.

I used to have bad back trouble from a football injury after college. I wish I could say it was from playing college football, but it was just some guys playing flag football and I stepped in a hole. Chiropractors helped a great deal along with laser surgery and exercise. Now I'm back to playing golf and other sports occasionally.

I also enjoy old-school wind-up watches for their machinery. That's kind of my geeky pleasure. I appreciate the machine of it - the skill and craftsmanship it takes to put something together like that. It's a lost art in today's world of cheap, disposable everything.