Since Dec 17, 2004

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I've read Free Republic religiously since my political leanings drifted (seemingly inexorably) to the right. Not too long ago, I was the anti-Freeper: an atheistic, quasi- pseudo-marxist true believer, more radical than liberal, more intellectual than wise. Things change. I changed. I found faith, for one thing, and with faith came hope. To paraphrase Vaclev Havel, hope is not the naive, childlike belief that everything's going to turn out right in the end. Rather, hope is the assurance that there is a point and purpose to our lives and work. Once able to discern truth from falsehood--and to know there is such a thing as objective Truth--there is truly nowhere else to go but Right. Finally, it was David Horowitz's book, Radical Son, that moved me to be more active--certainly more vocal--in my beliefs. His idealogical transformation parallels my own: initial disillusionment, followed by a growing awareness--after deep study and reflection--of the hypocrisy, self-serving delusion, and inherently totalitarian mindset of the Left. That said, it still feels strange voting Republican.