Since Apr 28, 2001

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Conservative and Reformed/Calvinist
Eschatologically I'm a Amill with the toe over the fence of the postmill.

Interested in some History, mostly interested in the Civil War from a Christian perspective, When I moved to the south I at first sided with the Confederacy, but over the years have came to side with the North more, so much false written history on the southern side. Either way neither side has clean hands from the event.

The Beckite part is a long story, While overseas in the military I attended a Christian Singles ministry in Beck Row ,England Near Mildenhall, England. A lot of Reform stuff was taught their. Most of the singles and some married never caught the reform stuff but there was still a few of us that did. My hope is that maybe a former Beckite as we called our selves will be lurking out there and see the screen name. God is soveign, and if he wills it, then it will happen. But then again the flop side is if we will it it doesn't necessary mean it will happen. But With God a large world becomes a small world.
29 Feb 04, Boy times flies, been part of this forum for a few years now. The Beckite part is old stuff. I've thought about establishing a new name, but am too lazy to do that a least for right now. Maybe some day in the near future, maybe when I get a new computer.