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What part of "Shall not be infringed" is ambiguous?

If guns do not deter crime, why aren't there any mass shootings at gun ranges or at gun shows?
I wish every legislator who votes against guns would tell their secret service agents to disarm. Only then would we see who truly is against guns.
Cars are a deadly weapon and regularly kill many of the leading causes of death is MVA''s.I think everyone should have to show a special gas ID before they are allowed to buy gas.See how silly that looks? It is no different with guns.
I could just imagine the outrage here if people could only write 1 paragraph a month. After all, words can incite riots (pen is mightier than the sword) so they need to be limited.And taxes on pens of course, as need to cut down on hateful writings which might lead to riots. Oh, and of course 1 pen per month.Would love to hear the loony left if these ideas were implemented.
Experts agree that everyone needs a 401k to prepare for retiremment.And experts also agree that everyone should have a fire extinguisher.....and smoke detectors, and 6 months savings in case of emergency.Why do experts have you prepare for every possible contingency except for the most precious of them all- your life? Makes. Absolutely. No. Sense.
What part of "Shall not be infringed" is ambiguous?
Imagine for just a second the United Nations passed a worldwide resolution proclaiming that people worldwide could not punch back if they were punched in the nose. An action should be met with a proportional consequence, but the United Nations wants to stop this and have everyone put their hands up. That would be crazy, not to mention immoral and unethical. People the world over would say they are not complying with such a resolution, and justifiably so as self-defense is a basic human right. But that is precisely what is happening when guns are not allowed in the hands of law-abiding citizens!
If guns cause crime, then all of mine are defective.

Re: "the 2nd A refers to a militia"
People in the 1700's and 1800's USA did NOT have:
-One gun a month limits on purchases
-NICS background checks
-CCW cards
-Require ID for ammo purchases
The notion that the 2nd A is limited to "militias" is a specious one. There were no limitations on ownership of firearms until the late 19th Century.That is a little fact that anti-gunners conveniently forget. *****************