Since Jan 19, 2005

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I was raised by an FDR hating father but left home with an open mind. Had my first paying job at 13, left home as a truck driver at 16, joined the Army at 18. After Vietnam I was aware of the left’s lying on the news and gradually became anti-democrat.

I’ve visited Greece, Lebanon and Germany and been in Canada dozens of times. Lived in Ethiopia (USASAFS Asmara) and Vietnam (313th Radio Research Bn, Nha Trang) while in the Army. I have also lived inside the Beltway (HQ USASA, Arlington Hall), got married in Fairfax, VA.

We live 9 miles south of Canada in the woods by a lake on a dead end gravel road many refer to as “in the middle of no where”. Hunting, fishing, trapping, & gardening to name a few interests. Paranormal research is a current and exceedingly fascinating hobby.

About mid-Bush II era I realized the Republicans were no more conservative than the dems. I now consider the entire Bush family to be no better than the Clintons, more polished - yes, but in terms of destroying America, they are Clinton equals. When Bush started the Iraq war I was not in favor of it. The downfall of Saddam meant the downfall of Middle East stability. During the Republican primaries my least favorite candidate was Jeb, who is a sniveling wimpy closet commie that would have been worse than his brother. I have zero use for RINO’s, the Uniparty, GOP elite, & globalists. They are back stabbers, plain pure and simple as that!

I see Trump as the last ditch effort to save the country. I truly believe he is qualified to do the job and is sincere with his motto of “Make America Great Again”. I recall the day he announced his run, I was on the road listening to Rush, and Rush played an audio clip of The Donald making his announcement. While Trump was talking, Rush was snickering as to imply it was a joke or Trump would never carry through. What Trump said that day with regards to illegal immigration being a number one priority is what sold me. From that second on I have been a Trump supporter.