Since Jan 19, 2005

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I was raised by an FDR hating father but left home with an open mind. Had my first paying job at 13, left home as a truck driver at 16, joined the Army at 18. After Vietnam I was aware of the left’s lying on the news and gradually became anti-democrat. About mid-Bush II era I realized the Republicans were no more conservative than the dems.

I’ve visited Greece, Lebanon and Germany and been in Canada dozens of times. Lived in Ethiopia and Vietnam while in the Army. I have also lived inside the Beltway, even got married there. Interestingly, while an Arlington cop was investigating a traffic accident I was at fault in, he tried to recruit me for the DC police force.

We live in the woods by a lake, hunt, fish, trap, garden to name a few interests. Paranormal investigating is a current and exceedingly fascinating hobby.

We all lose if it’s not Trump or Cruz!