Since Sep 25, 2007

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I am a retired chemist, having worked in analytical research for nearly 40 years. I now handle all the business activities, like insurance billing among other things, for Jane's counseling practice.

Graduated from Colorado State University — Ft. Collins

Am married to Jane Reinheimer for 30 years now. Jane has a masters degree (Concordia University - Chicago) and is both a mental health counselor and a paralegal (from Roosevelt University - Chicago). Go to www.janereinheimer.com to read her blog and Bible Studies.

We have been married 33 years this September and it's been a hoot! We laugh a lot, talk about everything under the sun and agree on 99% of everything we discuss. Even after all these years, we often can't get a word in edgewise with each other. Secret to a good, healthy marriage? Talk a lot about a lot of subjects. And laugh from the depths of your soul with each other. It's what makes our relationship so interesting.

Politically, we are both lifelong staunch conservatives.

Jane frequently posts to threads using my computer because her computer is at the other end of the house on the second floor. Mine (parked at one end of the dining room table) is more convenient for her to use in the evening when she's finished with her writing upstairs in her office. She tries to remember to sign her posts. (I almost never post to threads unless they are scientific threads.) So anytime you see something posted on a political thread, it's probably Jane.

She spent many, many years as a volunteer precinct captain when she was much younger helping get many good Republicans elected at all levels of government.

We are Missouri Synod-Lutheran and have four children.

We now enjoy living in the heartland in one of those flyover states. Jane is teaching a group of young girls at our church to quilt. The Junior Quilters are busy with their projects of lap quilts for a nursing home and baby quilts for a pregnancy crisis center. She, along with other benefactors, finances her quilting expenses from the sale of counseling trifolds from the counseling pages of her web site.