Since May 23, 2002

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I have a little advice to fellow "freepers:"

My Stance on Atheism

I am an Atheist. I frequently see posts here that attack Atheism in some form. They say that Atheists have no morals.

This is untrue.

I am an upstanding citizen. I don't do "evil." I tend to do "good." I probably volunteer more than you.

An Atheist doesn't need to be scared by "Hell" to not do bad, as many Christians seem to be. I follow the negative Golden Rule: "Do NOT do unto others what you would NOT like done to yourself."

An Atheist doesn't need to be lured by "Heaven" to do good, as many Christians seem to be. I help people because I am nice.

Laws do not need to be based off religion. A society uses laws to separate itself from anarchy. In anarchy, everyone can do whatever they want/can. They have infinite rights, but those rights are tenuous.

Laws limit some rights, but secure others. The "right to kill" is thrown out so the "right to life" is secured. Society needs to find a minimal set of laws to accomplish this task. Religion is not needed.