Since Mar 12, 2006

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I am a proud conservative (hence the name), Christian. I have two young beautiful daughters, currently live in Jacksonville, Florida. I lived in Atlanta most of my life. My husband and I were both raised in "democrat" families. Most of our family members are still of that persuasion (we're working on them). Similarly, years before we met, like so many people do, after getting out into the real world, realizing how the democrat party and all left-leaning associations were in such contradiction to the U.S. Constitution, we became staunch conservatives. Specifically, for me, I was always impressed with Reagan's plea to "vote your conscience." Being a democrat in 1988, my heart was with Dukakis (I was still immature, o.k?), but my conscience said to go with George H.W. Bush in the general election. So I voted for Bush. But it was the attacks on Clarence Thomas by the unabashedly shameful left that sealed the deal for me. I have been disgusted with the democrats and the left ever since.

Donald Trump is clearly the greatest president we've ever had, at least in my lifetime. I thank God for him. May God bless President Trump and his family, and may no weapon formed against him prosper.