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GOOD GRIEF!!!! This page went two years since it's last revision and I guess I should update it some. We've been (My loving wife, I and now our two daughters who've just recently started to post using my screen name) FREEPERS just on 19 years now and still hittin the keyboards. I gotta be getting old. Today is June 12th, 2018, a cloudy but very confortable day here on Oak Island, NC and I'm thankful to still be alive. I'm also thankful for the friends I've acquired here on FR.... Father of two gun toting, gunsmithing daughters whom my wife and I are extremely proud and supportive of. I'm 70 now, (my other half at 66) so the girls are gently trying to keep me out of our shop and encourage me into complete retirement. I admit though, I'm getting used to them telling me ,,,, "Dad,,,, your in the way again, take mom out fishin' or something. We DO NOT carry small revolvers,,,, we carry my retired but still very functional competition 1911's in 45.


Born in Dulac, Louisiana on October 23rd,1947 to career Navy parents.

Was in the Marines, a door gunner on a Medevac and YES!!!, happiness IS capping off a GE MINIGUN but sadness was 17 months in Cambodia needing one.

A Reagan conservative, ASTUTE DEFENDER of the second ammendment and BOWLING PIN MATCH SHOOTER .

Retired as a tower crane operator about 7 years ago cause I felt guilty for lowering too much stuff on the boss's head plus the climb up into the "telephone booth" got to be a little too much for me. Still a type nine licensed gun/bulletsmith, (my 46th year at it,,,, now I KNOW I'm getting old) (specializing in 1911 types) and looking foreward to moving back to the "Sportsmens Paradise"; and open another gun/bulletsmithing shop.

Favorite pistols,,, Pre series 70 Colt 1911’s in 45 ACP and 38 Super,THOUGH!!!! I've built some of our race guns with Les Baer and Ed Brown frames and slides.

Favorite wheel guns,,,Colt Python in 357 magnum, Colt Anaconda in 44 magnum, S&W model 57 in 41 magnum (xtreme long range accuracy), 454 Casull and S&W model 19 in 357 magnum (traditional Texas Ranger style)

Favorite rifles,,,Remington model 700's in 22-250 (improved) and 30.06, model M24-A2 and MSR both in 300 Win. magnum, Barrett M107, SPAS 12 and my "home made" 50 caliber rifle which I now have scoped in at a mile and a quarter,,,, consistantly,,,, IT'S AWSOME!!!!

Favorite auto's,,,,GE Minigun, Colt AR-15, Colt M16 and another with a model 203 40mm pineapple launcher. And YES!!! I DO have plenty of fruit for it.

Favorite reloading equipment,,, Dillon Precision

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Our old bridge looking north onto the mainland

Our local lighthouse


Our local airport

One of our favorite fishing (and imbibing) spots