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Since Oct 25, 1998

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I am a social, economic and pragmatic conservative. I welcome specific tactics and strategies for defeating liberalism. I believe we are in a war with those on the left who will patiently inch the ball along and rally together to achieve their common goals. Our side must find ways to avoid being splintered to death or we can never even slow down the assault by the Left much less reverse it. We must move from defense to offense.

Many focus blame on our problems on faulty RINO leadership. While that is true I look at the roots of problems. There are RINO politicians because there are RINO voters. Automatically applying the same politician standards to the NE as the SE is usually naïve. I still think there is hope for the NE (and other areas lost of liberals) but only if energized conservatives can persuade the RINO voters to come around. Idealogy alone will not convince anyone except those in the “choir” so-to-speak. Thus we need new conservative candidates that can speak and persuade.

I'm a born-again Christian and an engineer. I see no clash between science and religion. I'm a believer in good science. I believe in micro-evolution or the ability of species to change over time. I think evidence has been demonstrated to support minor changes within species. I see no compelling evidence for macro-evolution across species. I don't challenge it simply based on religious grounds. I challenge it based on a lack of evidence. I am a believer in Intelligent Design in a general sense without any specific baggage associate with the term. I'm an old-earth creationist. Genesis is not a science book. Since God himself did not spend much time on how long it took to create the Earth neither will I. I believe the important point is God created everything and is capable of creating it in any manner He chooses.

I welcome ideas on how we can make progress in defeating liberalism and make America a better place for our children and their children's children.

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