Since Mar 28, 2000

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U. S Marine 6 years active (59-65), Former Chicago Policeman (Dem Conv '68), Retired VP Medical Supply Co., 69 years old with 3 grown kids.

In tune with all things conservative.

Get to the range at least three times a month. Love shooting my Springfield XDm 9mm. Had custom work done by Springer Precision. 2 lb. trigger, fiber optic Dawson sights, extended grip safety, polished feed ramp and sand finished grips. Also give my Kimber 1911 .45 a workout.

I am so fed up with our government and the shill in the WH, I can't see straight. The only chance we have will be in 2012. If Onutzo has another 4 years, total destruction of the USA will result. I just hope the Military is on our side. And I'm not talking about the Puff Pieces in the Pentagon.

Some day we will get term limits and respect for our Constitution. Of course, that may be 50 years down the road, after reconstruction.

Semper Fi!